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Season 1 Reunion

With regard to Kevin, Wendy simply says that she doesn't think he was a good leader, and that she said so when asked about it. Wait, she didn't actually say that "simply"; she said it defensively. Kevin doesn't say a thing, and there's silence. Commercials.

More from the cutting-room gutter: Rob wearing his banana hammock underwear with a little enhancement stuffing. Okay, Robert has like a girlie tattoo on his bikini line. Back to Crobar. We see the designers impersonate each other. Almost everyone has their own rendition of "I didn't take the bitch's dye." Nora does a freaking transcendent Alexandra -- "Like, it's so hot in here, you know what I mean? I totally don't know if I should put more lip stuff on." Daniel does Mario smoking. Mario does Daniel describing what he had for breakfast with appropriate "Follow Your Bliss" verve. Back to Nora, who NAILS Kevin. The little boy thing. The shifty eyes. She should go on SNL. Robert does Austin -- or, rather, impersonates him. Holy shit, Nora's not done. She does the best Heidi Klum Seal...ever. She raises her voice. She has all of the weird diction. Nora should do voices. And, I like her designs, but maybe she should just voices. That's how good she is. Like those on our forums, the designers took much pleasure in mocking Heidi's oft-repeated "Either you're 'in' or you're 'out.'" We see an inset image of Heidi watching this. She seems to be taking it like a good sport.

Heidi says we're going to talk about Tim Gunn now. I love Tim Gunn for one reason above all -- more than his wardrobe, more than his being a silver fox, more than his facial expressions. More than all of those things, I love Tim Gunn because he is the ideal instructor in an arts education environment. He is clearly passionate about fashion, but he is gentle and has a nurturing spirit. In the end, he becomes this really great collaborator for all of the designers. Heidi is right when she says now that she doesn't know where all of the designers would be without Tim. They show a reel of his best moments. Lots of "Make it work"s and "Carry on"s. Mario tells about going to Parson's for the first time and seeing Tim and thinking, "What a hot bitch!" Don't you wish Mario had been on longer? Goddamn Wendy. Ruins everything. Tim just kind of laughs at Mario's comment. Girl knows he looks good. Kara Saun says that Tim's advice was always spot-on. Jay also says that when he took Tim's advice, the work always looked better. Wendy mentions that Tim thought her work was dowdy, and we see a snippet of him ordering that she not defend the shoe. Tim says that he wanted to wake Wendy, and she thanks him. When Wendy says that Tim thought her work was dowdy, Vanessa pipes up to say, "Well it was dowdy, most of the time." She's fucking this up. This is supposed to be the "Make Wendy Face Her Sins" Program, not the "Watch Vanessa Behave More Poorly Than Wendy, Thus Diminishing The Satisfaction We Will Feel From Watching Wendy Have To Face Her Sins" Show. For real, someone shut her up NOW.

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