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Season 1 Reunion

Oh God, now Heidi brings up "MustacheGate," when Wendy's daughter's photo was defaced. I'd like to go on the record as not really caring about that whole thing. What I would say to Wendy, though, is, sins of the father, baby. Sure, you shouldn't fuck with pictures of people's kids, but...hi, karma! Heidi says that she was shocked and wants to know who did it. People are staring at Kevin, and he says, "Why would it be me?" Tim mentions that it happened after Wendy "eviscerated" Kevin on the runway, and that he was alone in the room with the picture when he was cleaning his workspace. Then, Vanessa says that she thinks Wendy might have done it herself. Kevin denies defacing the picture, though I don't believe him and really hope that he did it. I'm kind of annoyed at the designers because they are acting like the girl was injured somehow. I know it was an image of her daughter, but someone was destroying beloved property of Wendy's, not hurting the girl. Not that I would even do that, because it's immature and pointless. I just think it is a diversion to think of this situation as something bad happening to Wendy's daughter. I'm sure whoever drew the tiny mustache on the tiny photo would never do anything mean to a real live girl.

Vanessa repeats that she thinks that Wendy did it. Jay then repeats that it was a really horrible thing that, had it happened to him, would have really upset him. Vanessa jokingly asks Jay if he has a daughter, and he freaks: "Do you have a soul? Honestly, Vanessa, why do you act like this? You're so soulless. Take a yoga class, my god." Austin concludes the subject by succinctly describing the incident as "silly." Austin gives very good reunion. Commercials.

Heidi describes how the designers, when not working, were giving interviews. We see clips of people being made up. We see a succession of clips with Jay saying "Hodi" or "Hosti" instead of Heidi. That's pretty fun. We also see Robert saying a host of incorrect words in a series of clips. The man is Mr. Magoo. We see an interview with Starr where, via a clock, we see her take twenty-two seconds to begin answering a question.

Heidi introduces models Melissa, Julia, Jenny, and Martinique. They are appropriately laconic. Tim asks the designers what was special about the models. Wendy says she could have non-competitive relationships with the models, and we see the time she comforted stupid Morgan. Jay says he like Julia because of her personality. Likewise, he would never have worked with Olga because of her personality. We see clips of the models playing around. We even see Olga's boyfriend. Jay makes fun of Olga's accent. Everybody says sweet stuff about Melissa. Robert says she's like "a thirty-six-year-old trapped in a sixteen-year-old's body." After the montage, Tim tells us that Morgan was asked to be there, but that she demanded that a contract be signed by the producers stipulating that they would not portray her in a negative way. So, there's no Morgan. What would you have if you didn't use the negative stuff? Then, we see a montage of Morgan. She has problems. We see a freakout that we didn't see earlier. She starts screaming at the cameraperson outside of Hiro after the swimsuit challenge. Tim asks another viewer question: despite her good walk, was Morgan worth keeping around? Apparently suffering from amnesia, Kevin says he still thinks that Morgan is great. Melissa speaks up, though, and condemns Morgan's behavior as risky and unprofessional. She's so adorable.

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