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Season 1 Reunion

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Season 1 Reunion

Heidi says that Kara, Jay, and Wendy are about to leave; she wonders if anyone has a question for another among them. Jay has a question for Vanessa about a little interview that she granted. It was really nasty, and they want to know why she said such things about them. Nora, in particular, was offended by Vanessa's allusions to the designers' inexperience as a group. Vanessa didn't think that she would be coming to New York and sewing "in a little room." She thought it would be different, so she says she described her experience "on the telephone to this girl." Everyone's disgruntled. Jay says that it was unprofessional, and Vanessa says that it wasn't a "professional" interview: "It was with someone on the phone, who was talking." Oh, you mean an interview? As well, Vanessa says that the interviewer was an "old intern" of hers, which, if you have a little looky at that interview, you will see is a total lie. Vanessa has ruined the reunion. She ruinunioned. This should have been Wendy's crucifixion; instead, it's Vanessa's intervention. Jay and Kara Saun scold her some more, pointing out that the show was a great opportunity for all of them, and that her denigrating it in the press hurts them all as well. Jay seems a touch self-righteous now. I agree with him for the most part, but he is wearing fucking sunglasses inside. His speech about being appreciative doesn't work as well when I'm looking at my own reflection on his damn head. Vanessa, in a sweeping display of how sour her grapes are, says that Kara and Jay would feel differently if they weren't showing their lines at Fashion Week. Man, what a bitch. So, this woman was going to hate everything unless she won? Jay asks her why she has been so disagreeable the entire night, and Vanessa replies, "Because I don't want to be here." And, she leaves with a "this is bullshit." Goodbye forever, Vanessa. Please. Commercials.

We're back, without Vanessa. Good. Kara Saun, Jay, and Wendy are gone, too. We see a montage of all of the designers saying who they think will win. It goes as follows: Daniel: Kara Saun; Nora: Jay; Alexandra: Kara Saun; Jay: Jay; Kara Saun: Kara Saun; Austin: Kara Saun; Robert: Jay; Wendy: Wendy (and it takes her a moment). Back at Crobar, they talk more about who they think will win. Daniel says that he thinks Kara Saun will win because of her spirit, her dedication, and other clichés. Starr says that she thinks Jay has a chance, because, even though he seems all punk rock, there is a consistency there. It's beautiful, but "Jay." Then, Starr says very poignantly that whoever wins, there will be a loss. And, she is not talking about Wendy. Austin thinks that maybe Jay is, like him, a little to personal in his work. Kevin, however, thinks that Austin is more like Kara Saun in their costume-y ways. I bet Austin's going to wait to confirm which he is most similar to until after the competition. While Kevin is complimenting Jay, Daniel says that Jay is like "Punky Brewster." Yeah, shut up, Daniel. I think he's just pissed that Jay talked a little smack about him back when he still existed. Nora shuts Daniel down, too.

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