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Season 11 Finale, Part 2

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Next, Tim says that he has a big surprise for them. That's really what their nerves need now -- another big surprise. But, it's a good one. They're going to Mood with $500. Everyone is psyched. Tim leaves and Stanley starts reviewing the work they need to finish with Richard. That blouse and skirt that Nina liked so much but suggested he pair the top with slacks or something? He's only shortening the skirt. It seems like a mistake for him to not listen closely to Nina, since she is obviously his biggest fan amongst the judges. He interviews that he is not making anything new, but he has to "remake" five of his dresses. Wow, that's a lot of work. Michelle decides to lose her yellow quilted vest that is in her collection. Instead, she is going to make a vest based on her finale dress. That's a smart idea, especially for cohesion's sake. Amanda thinks that it's a great idea. Michelle is also going to simplify a lot of her looks and remove some of the flare. Patricia is planning on remaking or making a lot of stuff. Layana is worried that they have too much work and not enough time to do it in.

Back at the workroom, Michelle and Amanda make jokes about Swatch, Mood's mascot, having gained weight. Poor Swatch. Body-shaming strikes again. No one is safe. Patricia is making leather pants, while Layana is making a tank top. Patricia sees holes in the leather. Ouch. She says that she will be able to patch it. Stanley tells Layana that he farmed out some beading in his collection to a lady who does that. He envies the relationship between Amanda and Michelle.

They begin their make-up consultations and Billy B. is there to represent L'Oreal. Michelle explains that she got slammed for her styling on the runway, but she mostly wants to stick with her original idea. She is accepting some of the critique though. They decide on a strong lip and a strong brow. Stanley comes in and says that he has been told that he needs to sex up his look. He thinks that a Bordeaux lip is the way to get there, but Billy suggests that they go with a smoky eye instead, because a pronounced lip can look very "lady." Billy talks Patricia into going very polished and monochromatic, which he thinks will be very chic.

Back in the workroom, Amanda is hammering away at Michelle's new look. At the end of the day, Layana says that Patricia doesn't have twelve looks. She wonders what she would do without her there. I wonder what would happen if everyone were just positive about the other designers. Because, obviously, no one was sitting at home thinking that they would just finish when they got back to Parson's. Shit happens. Just be a positive force for the short time that you have. Like Amanda was when she was working with Daniel. They are two of the more different designers featured this season, in terms of their end customer, yet Amanda lent her point-of-view and always with the most respect. That just doesn't seem that foreign a concept to me and I wish these guys were better at it. Instead, Patricia and Stanley feel doomed to me and I think a large part of that is that they've got such snippy people surrounding them. Whatever, I guess Richard isn't snippy, but snippy is probably better than useless. He's probably not useless either, but they sure talk about him that way. Michelle, always at the ready with a complete and loaded assessment of everyone around her, declares that Stanley will pull it together but Patricia has a mountain of work to complete.

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