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Season 11 Finale, Part 2

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Amanda is looking at Patricia's collection and says that, while she is happy that someone as "out there" as Patricia has made it this far, she thinks that something about her work smacks of the hippie store in the mall. Now, see this doesn't sound like shit talking to me. Her observation doesn't feel designed to pack the biggest punch. She is making an observation that, while critical, isn't off base.

The models come in for their fittings. Layana has decided to just go with the flow, instead of trying to understand Patricia. Michelle is really excited about her models. Stanley is the last person to finish his fittings, mostly because he is constructing the actual garments on the girls. That's not good. Later, he is making a dress and realizes that he doesn't have enough fabric to make it floor-length, so tea length it is. Layana tells him that he's great with tea length, so there's that? Michelle whispers to Amanda that she's annoyed that Patricia and Stanley are so unprepared. Then, she realizes that she shouldn't be annoyed at all, seeing as it might secure her position as the winner, so she says they might still be able to pull out a win. It just seems like she was most interested in trashing them just now. Like, seriously, they came to Fashion Week unprepared because it was a choice? Honestly, though, I'm tired of talking about it. She can be whoever she wants to be. I can hate it, but I don't have to dwell on it. Godspeed, Michelle.

The next day, Stanley says that he is overwhelmed because of the amount of work he has to finish. It's the day before the show. Patricia also has a lot to finish. This is sort of a broken record. Michelle does have a problem with a zipper, adding some excitement. Eventually, the helpers have to leave and Michelle cries just a little. Tim asks her what the problem is and she says that Amanda has been wonderful, so it's just a little bit emotional.

Tim tells them that they have some special visitors. Then, the door opens and first we see two young adults who are calling Patricia mama. It's a guy and a girl and I think they might be twins. They look exactly the same age. Patricia gets really emotional and it's actually kind of cute. I think she's just happy to see them in the midst of such a stressful time. Cyril and Wally are there for Michelle. She tells them that she's exhausted. Cyril is really impressed by a handbag that she made. In the workroom, Stanley hugs his partner Steve and his mother, Lovie. What a great name! I'm sad for Lovie, knowing that her daughter died in just the past year. I hope she is close to everyone else. Steve interviews that he has seen Stanley create a lot of great clothes, but this is really special and he actually fights tears. When was the last time you saw someone on a reality show actually fight tears instead of forcing them out of their eyes like they were trying to get blood from a turnip? Anyway, it's refreshing. Stanley says that seeing his mother took the nerves away and he wishes that she could stay and sew. I love that.

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