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Season 12, Finale, Part 2

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A Lot of Hot Pants

Alexandria's making a washable silk pant with one of those vests she makes that I think look like a scrap of cloth arbitrarily tied around the model's torso. Tim recommends against making the looks not look monotonous, and he also points out a specific thing Nina didn't like: "She kept repeating, It's nothing but a dumb T-shirt.'" Alexandria is shocked that she can't have T-shirts, because that was kind of her default torso covering underneath the fancier tops. Tim says she's got to show that she heard the criticism somehow, because if she doesn't change something, he predicts "retribution." Alexandria is very worried, and I think she should be. She doesn't know this, but the only judge who's liked her garments the last two times was Heidi. And that might be enough to get you through, but I don't think Heidi's going to completely overrule the other judges when it comes to a winner.

The next day! The last day! Dom hits it hard, and she's got a list of tasks to accomplish. Alexandria is sprucing up some of her T-shirts, and she doesn't sound confident. Bradon says his washable look "isn't really designed yet." That's not great. And in come the models! Each of them gets ten models, and Bradon points out that you have to carefully choose which model gets which clothes, even if their measurements are the same. Alexandria is putting her unconventional look first, which I like. Get some excitement right away. Justin's 3-D shoulder pieces aren't attached to the clothes, so he asks his model to walk very stiffly so they don't fall off. Dom is on some next-level strategy as she explains that her "muse model" is the one who will be standing next to her as the judges decide who's going to win, so she wants a particularly good piece on that model. I like that a lot. She probably also knows what she's going to wear herself in order to make her model look better next to her. Alexandria starts to feel better once she sees her clothes on people.

Alexandria remakes a top, which concerns Dom. She came in with a lot of pieces, and she's still making more? Crazy. Bradon is quietly freaking out, and Dom kind of agrees. But she doesn't want to talk about it; she just wants to work. Tim comes in to announce makeup consultations. Billy B recommends using the makeup products made by the makeup company that employs Billy B and that paid for this portion of the television program.

Back to panicky sewing! Bradon runs back and forth between the workroom and the sewing room, which annoys everyone. But he's feeling the time crunch. Tim comes in to make everyone gather around with one hour to go. Bradon does not want to take the time. Tim tries to get everyone to enjoy the fact that they're showing at Fashion Week. I do hope they manage to appreciate it amidst the frenzy. They'll get a little time for final primping tomorrow, but it'll be backstage at Lincoln Center. Tim leaves, and they have an hour to finish and pack.

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