Project Runway
Season 12, Finale, Part 2

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A Lot of Hot Pants

The models are back out. Heidi claims it was a very difficult decision. She praises each of the designers in turn, which is a nice thing to do. Bradon is the first person who is out. Sorry, Bradon. Nobody hates you! His family is waiting in the back room, which is nice. Justin is next to be out. Sorry, Justin. His family consoles him.

It's down to Dom and Alexandria. I am rooting for Dom here. Like, a lot. I don't dislike Alexandria, but I do dislike her clothes. Heidi says, "Dom...congratulations. You are the winner of Project Runway." Yay! Alexandria is disappointed, which is perfectly reasonable. She's able to say that Dom is a good person and to give her congratulations, but her unhappiness is palpable.

Heidi reminds Dom that her prize is over $500,000. Nice! And she also seems to be a really nice person, which is always fun. Dom's family comes out onto the runway to hug her. Everybody's crying, even Heidi. Even Nina! Dom does a final interview where she reminds us that she's working two jobs, so this is really important to her. Tim and Dom's final model come out for final hugs, and we're out.

Next week: Reunion show! And also All-Stars!

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