Project Runway
Season 2 Finale, Part I

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Season 2 Finale, Part I

Tim gives them thirty minutes to design the look. Then they will shop. Chloe is over Mood. She is in no mood for Mood. Oh my God -- all of them are FRIED. Santino seems like he doesn't even want to talk. Chloe says, "I have been saying since day one that I couldn't design another piece if my life depended on it. And, ironically, my life depends on it!" That's a great line.

Daniel says he is looking for whimsy in his design. Nick interviews that they are trying to make something easy that will fit into the collection. Chloe and Diana decide on a baby-doll dress. Diana interviews that she is Chloe's assistant and just wants to help. Santino seems stumped. Andrae is running ideas past him to see if anything sticks. When they go to Mood, Santino still doesn't know what he wants to make. At Mood, they have $250 to spend. Tim tries to discourage Chloe from buying gold fabric. Andrae suggests to Santino that they make a coat, and it seemed for a second like a light-bulb moment, but Santino says, "I can't take it anymore." Santino interviews that the new look will be like "trying to disguise a piece of shit amongst a bunch of diamonds." There's a reason that Prince sang "Diamonds and Pearls" instead of "Diamonds and Poos." It's just not pretty the other way. Tim tells Santino to not over think the challenge. I feel really bad for him. Fried, people. He can hardly formulate a sentence. He quite evocatively describes his mood as a scene from a movie where someone looks into the sky and just screams. Then, we're treated to Santino's primal scream as the camera pulls farther and farther back over the New York skyline. I don't even think it's amplified.

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