Project Runway
Season 2 Finale, Part I

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Season 2 Finale, Part I

Santino takes Tim to his friend Tony's house. This Tony happens to be Tony Ward, who dated Madonna. I…hyperventilating…paper bag. I'm so excited at this development. Suddenly, Santino's bedspread is making a lot more sense. Santino explains that Tony is his best friend and has helped him a lot. They're all sitting in Tony's living room, with Tony's wife and three daughters, eating take-out Chinese food, when Santino tells him that he is going to be showing at Fashion Week. Tony's all, "That's bleep!" for which he apologizes. Then, with maybe the world's most adorable little girl hugging on him, Santino tells Tony and his wife that he would not have been able to do what he has done without their support and friendship. For real, the little girl! She needs to be put in baby jail for the criminally cute. Santino chants, "Olympus Fashion Week!" in a high-pitched voice. The little girls go, "No!" That's kind of funny. What could the little girls possibly have against Fashion Week? Santino says that he is going to keep on shooting for the stars, not just for himself, but also for his friends and loved ones. He will die trying for his dreams, he declares. One more shot of him playing with the little girls. He should just keep one of them with him at all times. They really soften his look.

Next, Tim visits the travel-weary Daniel Vosovic, who, upon leaving the Atlas Building, had to trek all the way…across town. They're in New York. He visits Daniel with only six weeks before Fashion Week. The holiday wreath on Daniel's door also clues us in a little to the date. Tim and Daniel hug at the door. Daniel got his haircut. It's a little Joyce DeWitt, but I will deal.

Daniel interviews that, with time to spend thinking about his designs, he has lost the doubts that he had during the Project Runway challenges. He feels that his collection is "solid gold." He tells Tim that his theme is to fuse military influence with Japanese culture. The Iwo Jima Collection. Tim seems to like some of Daniel's choices. He gives Daniel this chestnut: "The easy part is steps one through nine out of ten. The hard part is what happens between steps nine and ten." Did he get that shit from The Matrix? My brain just hiccupped. Daniel says that he totally agrees, while I say he's totally lying. Brown-noser. They're talking about all of the small details. They're important. Tim says that he likes Daniel's collection, and that there is an "element of risk" in the work about which Tim is excited. Daniel is thrilled at the news.

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