Project Runway
Season 2 Finale, Part I

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Season 2 Finale, Part I

He sits and they discuss how time has passed since they saw each other last. Santino says that he watched the show and read every "shitty blog." Fucking blogs. Then Santino interviews that he has learned to think twice before talking about people that he doesn't know. Okay, now we're getting somewhere. Chloe calls him on his pattern-maker comment. He kind of insinuates that he didn't mean it the way it sounded, but Chloe notes that his demeanor wasn't contrite during the filming of the show. Daniel acknowledges that Santino got the demon edit on the show, but adds, "You made your bed, so lie in it."

The next day, Daniel interviews that the show has been a "sobering experience" for Santino. Then they all travel to the Banana Republic workroom. They start hanging their collections. Daniel interviews that his back was to Santino when they were hanging their stuff, but he wanted to turn around and see if Santino had made a "dildo dress." For the lady on the go, I'm assuming. Chloe says that it was hard to not look at the other designers' collections. Santino, no longer sober, says that Chloe's collection looks like "a couch was coming at ya."

Tim enters, to much fanfare. He has the designers "gather 'round." He starts to look at their collections, starting with Santino's, which Tim loves. He moves on to Chloe. He says that her first piece looks like Balenciaga. She interviews that she didn't leave her workroom for two months. Tim says it was good work.

When he moves to Daniel, we see an interview where Daniel says that he loves his collection and expects Tim to love it as well. He starts showing Tim his stuff, and there's silence. Tim isn't saying anything. Daniel interviews further that he was shocked that Tim wasn't "piddling in his panties" over his stuff. Oh, that's funny. "Panties." He shows Tim his handbags, and Tim says, "It looks like wood shop. It bothers me." Daniel says he wanted that look, and Tim says, "Well, then you got it." Afterwards, Daniel says to Tim that through all of the challenges on the show, this is the least that Tim has had to say about his work. Tim replies, hesitantly, that he is waiting to see how the clothes look on the models. Daniel reiterates that he is happy with the collection. He seems a little miffed. He interviews that he was slightly offended by Tim's lack of enthusiasm.

Next, the designers go to meet Michael Kors. He tells them that model selection is very important, because, as a designer, you have "twelve minutes to last six months." For these designers, every moment is even more important. He tells them not to settle. Models start arriving and walking for the designers. Chloe says she's looking for "sexy and strong." Daniel is looking for "fresh-faced." Santino is looking for "high energy."

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