Project Runway
Season 2 Finale, Part II

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Season 2 Finale, Part II

Next is a strapless red top and a short skirt. The skirt is made of two fabrics, and there's a lot of interesting movement and color to it. So far, his stuff is pretty. The textures are more interesting than the looks, though. Here we have a variation on a slip dress. It's peach-colored and fairly simple. The back has some interesting bunching at the waist.

Here's Danyelle in the thirteenth look. It's a knee-length purple dress with purple lace on the bodice. It's gorgeous, and Danyelle looks truly beautiful. She flashes a smile at the end of the runway, and it dazzles. On the back, there's an interesting cutout. Really pretty dress. Daniel's sister congratulates Andrae.

The next girl is modeling a deep purple shimmering tank top over slacks. A flowing red shawl covers the tank top. And: the model looks like Fiona Apple. That's pretty damn interesting. Yeah, I'm thinking I love that. Following that is a girl in a super-short lavender dress with a jacket over it. The jacket has purple stripes at the end of the sleeves. That one doesn't look great. Sometimes Santino's "interesting" veers into "ill-fitting." Next is a floor-length red evening gown, with some red leather/vinyl on the bust. Eh.

Red alert. Next is this black corset thing with, for real, like, parachute sleeves. And a puffy gray skirt. That's pretty editorial, but…I'm left really confused.

A lovely (and completely unrelated to the previous design) strapless dress follows. The fabric is multi-colored -- different purples, mixed. Next is a purplish dress with a lighter strip of fabric at the waist. The skirt flows nicely, and it's sleeveless. Here comes Heather; she's wearing the pleated dress that Tim Gunn liked so much when he visited Santino in California. It's so beautifully textured and intricate. Heather works it, too. Santino comes out with his girls. We hear him interview that he toned down some of his impulses for his collection. He gives his mom a kiss before he leaves the runway.

After the show, we see Santino talking to the press. He introduces his mom at one point, and almost starts crying. I'm such a sucker for shit like that. I can't help it, I think that's really sweet. Chloe hugs her family and tells a reporter that she feels that she has already won.

Jay McCarroll says that, though he is not a "Dan Fan," he thinks that Daniel will win. Someone named Kay Unger thinks that Chloe will win. Kara Saun thinks Santino's collection was strong. Commercials!

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