Project Runway
Season 2 Finale, Part II

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Season 2 Finale, Part II

Grace joins Chloe onstage. In Grace's first interview on the show, she says, "Hell yeah, I think Chloe did a great job." She thinks it's "amazing" that she will have a spread in Elle. Chloe's family joins her onstage and they're crying. Chloe interviews that she loves designing. She hugs her mom and tells her that they are going to make her cry. It's really touching. They are so happy for her. One of her sisters is blonde. Michael says, "Now you're making us cry." As she leaves the runway, we hear her say in an interview, "I am a real designer!"

Outside Parsons, Tim presents Chloe with the keys to a brand new HOT Saturn. "Nothing like a convertible, baby!" she says as she slides behind the wheel. And that's our show, folks.

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