Project Runway
Season 2 Finale, Part II

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Season 2 Finale, Part II

Daniel tells Tim that the thirteenth design is "by far a benefit." He says that Nick did a very good job sewing it and that it "invigorates the collection." Tim says that he knew the challenge would be good for Daniel. I wonder why. Is it because Daniel's designs seemed to hit the mark more when they were challenges that removed him from his comfort zone? Or did he just think something was missing from Daniel's collection? Daniel says to the cameras that the dress accentuates and pulls the collection together. It adds an element that was needed.

When Tim asks Chloe about her thirteenth design, she tells him that it is still in pieces. Diana kind of smiles, because what else are you going to do when you're all but fucked? Pieces? They've only got like a few more hours. Diana has the muslin version of the dress kind of wrapped around her as she explains to Tim what the bodice will look like and that there will be pockets. Tim says, "Why are you bothering with a pocket at this hour?" Chloe responds that it won't be that hard to build a pocket. Diana says that the dress will look really cute when the model has her hands in the pockets. Tim seems to be calmed a little bit by this idea. Me too. I mean, ten seconds ago it looked like their design was in pieces and they didn't know what they hell they were going to do. They seem pretty solid on the pockets idea, though. Chloe tells Tim that one of her models hasn't been in. This is followed by an interview where she says she is neither finished nor organized. She's a stress pot.

At 10:00 PM, Tim Gunn asks the final three to "gather 'round." He adds that the assistants should keep working. He reminds them that they should think about what Banana Republic accessories and shoes they want to use for the fashion show. The designers are like, "For real? You're going to talk sponsors right now? Blood is coming out of my eyes, Gunn! Don't talk to me about the sponsors!" He has the lovely black velvet button bag to determine what order the designers will present at the fashion show. Daniel is chosen first. He doesn't seem very happy about that. They're so tired, though, who can tell? Chloe is chosen next. "That's perfect," she says for reasons unknown. So, Santino shows last. Tim Gunn shows him the button with his name on it to rule out any fancy reality show lying.

He tells them that they have until 4:00 AM to work, and a 5:30 AM call at the tents. What are they whining about then? With showering and getting to and from the hideous Westin, that should give them like ten minutes to sleep. All we've heard is, "I'm so sleepy. I'm exhausted." Relax, kids, you're going to get a ten-minute slumber. Enjoy. Tim gives everyone a hug and kiss before leaving. Man, Tim Gunn. He reminds me of those teachers that you are just desperate to impress. I love him more than my luggage. He probably brings out the best in a lot of people.

Daniel says that he doesn't even have an order yet for his show. Models start showing up for fittings, as Santino explains that sometimes you're fitting models "hours before the show." He says that he will be working on his designs up until the moment the models walk onto the runway. "I can break down completely after it's all over." Diana and Chloe are organizing the shoes and accessories for Chloe's collection. There are A LOT of gold accessories. Chloe interviews that she is really emotional right now and trying to hold it together. Possibly because she can run all the way to Texas and back, but her collection can't. It never could. Or it's because "this is extreme."

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