Project Runway
Season 2 Finale, Part II

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Season 2 Finale, Part II

With five hours remaining before the show, all of the designers and their assistants, pumped and smiley, leave the Banana Republic workroom for the final time. Commercials.

With four hours before the show, Daniel is interviewing that he has had four hours of sleep in the past three days. They will have twenty minutes to get themselves ready to go to the tents. The mannequins are like, "Well what the fuck are you doing sitting here? Get a move on, Vosovic!" Before leaving their suite, Chloe compliments Daniel on his jacket. He's all, "I bought it with Tim." Daniel adds in his interview that he doesn't mind skipping sleep in order to make his "first impression" on the fashion industry.

Chloe tells Daniel that she won't be excited until she's at the show, because "there's still work to be done." She interviews that showing at Olympus Fashion Week is something that most designers will never get to do. I think the weight of the moment is starting to get to them. As they are walking through the lobby of that blight on the New York skyline (seriously, it's so ugly), Santino says, "You guys…" It's really heavy with meaning. Daniel replies, "Shut up!" But Santino doesn't. He says, "Did you think this day would ever come?" I think he's just trying to make them nervous. On the way to the tents, Santino's nodding off. The kids look rough.

Once they reach Bryant Park, they all say their good-lucks to each other. As they enter the tents, they all stand on the empty runway and "take it all in," as Santino says. Olympus Fashion Week is the "Mt. Everest of American fashion," so I'm guessing he's feeling a little lightheaded right now. Altitude sickness. That shit's attitude sickness up here in Fashion Week, yo. Daniel says that he was intimidated by the size of the audience (1,000). Chloe interviews that, at different times during the competition (and this is one of those times), the magnitude of this opportunity sinks in. It makes her heart beat faster and freaks her out. The mannequins begin their rendition of "A Moment Like This." Santino mimics a loudspeaker and says, "Santino is now showing!"

With three hours before the show, the models start arriving. As Santino is delegating, Daniel says he doesn't know where any of his stuff is. Chloe can't find "Miss Diana." I think she's programming the laser light show. Daniel's, like, asking models if they can sew. Finally, the assistants arrive to help.

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