Project Runway
Season 2 Finale, Part II

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Season 2 Finale, Part II

Tim finds Nick, Daniel, and the models (or whoever they are) all sewing. Daniel explains that there were some finishing touches that had to happen and Tim replies, "I'm just surprised is all." "Likewise," says Daniel.

When Chloe checks on the hairstyling of the models, she is not happy. "I don't like it." She doesn't like the make-up either. She interviews that she "didn't want to be a bitch about it," but she didn't want to compromise on the biggest day in her professional life. We see her walking a make-up artist through the look she wants. She says, "Lack of sleep is making me a diva." If that's as bitchy as she ever gets, she's gonna have a lot of friends.

Nick explains that they are finishing the hems and whatnot of Daniel's collection. We see him fitting Rachael into a dress. I hope she's all, "Hi Zulema! Looks like I'm walking in Fashion Week! Tell She-tangi she can bite me." Nick tells us that he wants Daniel to win, but then he adds, "Of course, I want him to win." The last part makes me feel that he doesn't, in fact, want Daniel to win. It was like he was arguing with someone, but no one was talking. Perhaps there was little argument occurring between outside Uncle Nick and inside Uncle Nick?

People start filing into the tents. There's Chloe's family. Backstage, it looks like she's finally getting the hair and make-up results she wanted. Daniel, meanwhile, can't find his purses, which you'll recall Tim no likey. When he tells Tim that the handbags can't be found, Tim replies, "Sometimes things happen for a reason." Oh my God, that would suck to hear at that moment. Someone asks Daniel if someone is looking for the purses and he says, "A thousand people should be, but I don't know if anyone is." There's Richie Rich at the show.

We see Santino making some final alterations on his designs. He says that he came there to win. Then we see a shot of a lady on the front row. It's Santino's mother. He says that he hasn't seen her since 2002, because of the cost of flying. He says that she always let him be who he is and that he loves her for that. Mrs. Rice says, "I just want to kiss him and hug him and tell him what a great job he's doing and how proud I am of him and I'm getting verklempt." She seems totally adorable. She's a schoolteacher and I bet she's great. There's Jay McCarroll and Austin Scarlett!

We see a shot of Daniel's family as he's making a "mad rush" backstage. His purses were found! He says that he's been trying to suppress the feelings of how huge this opportunity could be for him. "It's here! It's fucking here!" Chloe's lining up her models. She interviews that she struggled so much making this collection and is so happy with the result that she will be happy with whatever the outcome of the competition is. Can I see the hands of the people who believe that? The mannequins are like, "We don't have hands, but if we did, we'd slap that bitch for lying."

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