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Season 2 Reunion

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Season 2 Reunion

Hosti wants to know how the designers feel about the runway shows. Chloe says that defending a garment was the hardest part of the show, as she is not used to talking about the designs. Tim mentions that the designers were much more vocal during the runway talkbacks than the Season One contestants. This gets a laugh from the designers. Raymundo says, "We feel too much." He adds that you have so many ideas that you want to express in that short period of time.

We see a montage of the judges talking alone. We see Jay McCarroll and Kara going round and round about her ugly Inspiration dress. There's Andrae defending his choice to not put a Barbie wig on Danyelle. Wow, they're showing longer clips than they showed during the initial airing. Jay practically told Kara to shut up. Diane von Furstenberg apparently called some bullshit on Zulema when she was defending her ass-baring dress from the Clothes Off Your Back challenge. And the jewel is Santino during the talkback for the lingerie challenge. As he was yelling at Nina Garcia, Daniel Franco apparently stepped in and slammed Santino's collection. He said women wouldn't want to wear it. Santino's reply? "You don't date the same kind of girls that I do." You mean the ones with penises? Sorry, I didn't even have to type that. It wrote itself.

Kirsten, who you will recall is a lawyer, said that she felt that talking back on the runway would have been like talking back to a judge. "You didn't see any clip of me in there. I felt like it was the Court of Appeal of fashion." Emmett says that designing puts a person in a vulnerable state, which makes you defensive.

Hosti remarks that Santino talked the most on the runway, and he agrees, saying that it felt like a "fistfight" every time he was on the runway. It seemed to Hosti that Santino never took into consideration what anyone else said. He disagrees, saying that he just didn't "subscribe to what [they] were saying." Daniel V. finally speaks up, and it sounds like he's defending Santino. He says that Santino used every aspect of his contact with the judges. Chloe adds that Santino used "personality, skill, talent" to his benefit. I'm not sure he deserves the defense. Maybe he can justify his actions, but let him do it. Santino adds that he attempted to intimidate the judges, which apparently worked. Hosti says that Nina Garcia has given quotes saying that she thought Santino was going to kill her, and Santino knows the quote by heart. Tim asks him how he feels about what Nina said. "It makes me feel bad." Then, Tim asks Daniel F. about his "intervention" when Santino was discussing his lingerie with the judges. He says that he felt Santino was being unprofessional. I'm on his side until he weirdly chokes up and says, "I just spoke from my heart." Why does he have to be so uncomfortable all of the time?

Tim reads a question from a poster at the Bravo website. He says it's from some girl named Arianne and it's for Lupe. "Heyeah, Arianne!" She has lost her mind. Santino asks, "Have you guys been drinking or something?" A better question might be, "Have you guys been drinking and something?" Santino adds, "Because I want what they're having," to which Daniel Franco replies all crazy, "Exactly." Tim reads the question to Lupe -- "Do you feel your elimination was fair given that Marla had plagiarized a dress that Nicky Hilton had worn before?"

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