Project Runway
Season 3 Finale, Part I

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Season 3 Finale, Part I

Uli hugs Michael and Jeffrey and gets into a cab. She interviews that winning the last challenge has allowed her to create her Fashion Week collection with confidence. She acknowledges that a lot of people think that she's just happy-go-lucky and nonchalant about the whole experience, but she says, "Maybe I'm the one who's going to end up on top." The mannequins are like, "Eh, I don't think so. You're sweet, though!"

Michael has some sort of cliché handbook with him and just recites a bunch of empty shit in his interview. The roller coaster has been worth it; his collection is going to be hot, the shit, the bomb; he's out for blood. And "au revoir" to Jeffrey. Michael's in a taxi and is off.

Jeffrey interviews that having the opportunity to send his own vision down the runway at Bryant Park is his dream. All the effort has been worth it. Then he gives a goofy goodbye to the Atlas Building and he's off in a taxi.

Fast-mo to a month later -- we see a plane landing. I bet Tim Gunn's on that plane. Pay up, I'm right. He's in Atlanta and driving a Saturn Sky Roadster to visit Michael Knight's house. The screen says there are four weeks until Fashion Week. Cameras inside the house film Michael opening his door to greet Tim. They hug very warmly (though a little awkwardly) and Michael invites Tim inside. Michael interviews that seeing Tim was like seeing an old friend. He also acknowledges that he has braces now. "I'm a brace-face, America." He looks pretty adorable with the braces, and it looks like they've already done a pretty good job.

Tim tells Michael that he thinks his house looks nice. He and Michael go into Michael's workroom. He has, like, a Fisher Price sewing machine. It's miniscule. Tim asks to see what Michael has been working on for his collection, and Michael looks a little nervous. Um, for good reason. It's not looking good. He explains that his theme is "Street Safari," and Tim's grooving on the title, but... the first dress we see is seriously lacking in the taste department. It's taste bankrupt. It's this Elvira-looking get-up that's wrong wrong wrong. Oh, but we just got started. His next look is like Uli with Histrionic Personality Disorder. It's this trashed-up black-and-orange print. And it's floor-length. Where's the sportswear that they told him was his specialty? Tim doesn't even touch the taste level of the garment; rather, he tells Michael that he needs to work on the cohesiveness of his collection. It looks pretty cohesive to me; looks like a bunch of ugly is holding it together. At least, the three of the twelve pieces that he has done are not good. And there's only a month left. Sounds like someone should have spent a little less time in the orthodontist's chair and a little more time on his My First Sewing Machine.

Next, Michael takes Tim to his cousin's house, where his entire family has gathered to meet the silver fox. Apparently, Michael's going to do the cooking too. What a catch, this guy. We meet Michael's father, Michael. Tim gives a big hug to Michael's mother, Pamela, who's still a cutie.

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