Project Runway
Season 3 Finale, Part I

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Season 3 Finale, Part I

Laura starts to show Tim her collection, and he is stunned at the amount of progress she has made. She explains that none of the dresses are finished, but she wanted to start on everything so she'd have something to discuss with Tim when he got there. He approves. She starts showing her stuff, all of which has a pretty familiar silhouette. The stuff looks really expensive, though. Laura interviews that she felt that, for her collection, she should stick with her signature strengths. Plus, she thinks that eveningwear will make for a better show. She tells him that the collection is split into four groups, and I guess she's talking about color schemes, because the shapes of the dresses all seem fairly similar to me. Tim can see how the collection is cohesive, but feels that she needs to make sure her styling for the show is very young. There's the potential for her collection to look old, which is apparently a very bad thing. If only politicians geared their campaigns toward the young. Maybe then I'd have fewer daunting student loans and fewer open container liquor laws to worry about. My kingdom for a White Russian while on an afternoon stroll. There's a chartreuse number with a ruffle-y belted coat that Tim finds particularly troublesome. "That's a lotta look." She's stepping out of her comfort zone with the green dress, Laura says. She doesn't think she'll win by being safe. Tim sidesteps calling the dress ugly by asking, "Is it even pretty? I'm not certain it is."

Laura says that she has become very competitive and really wants to win the competition. She tells Tim that she has a lot of hand-sewing to complete on her collection and Tim jokes, "How adept are the boys?"

And then we meet the boys. You know, I know that Laura has been painted as a little bit of a rich bitch, but if I had a ton of money, the first thing I'd do is get me a mess of kids. Of course, there are large families with armies of nannies and people to raise their children for them, but she seems to like being in the thick of it. I just like that. Her luggage may be expensive and she wears cocktail dresses to breakfast, but she seems like good people to me. And, given the opportunity, I'd make a lot of the same choices as her. Her boys seem really happy too. They meet Tim, and the littlest one offers Tim a turtle turd. Tim does not seem amused. He's laughing and all, but I bet he was ready to quit the show. Like, "I do not need this sort of Sturm und Drang in my life! Mitigate THIS!" Laura interviews that her son was welcoming Tim to their gang. With poop. The family goes on a continent-wide search for the turtle, Frank, that almost crosses the entire span of their freaking monster apartment.

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