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Season 3 Finale, Part I

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Season 3 Finale, Part I

Next Tim drives his car to see Jeffrey in Los Angeles. Jeffrey's house looks really cute. He greets Tim at the door with his girlfriend, Melanie, and his son, Harrison. Melanie and Jeffrey look like a good match. She's got a punk aesthetic and is really pretty cute, though I'd imagine that Jeffrey would have a hard time designing clothes for her -- if you know what I mean. Jeffrey says that he is anxious to see Tim because he doesn't feel that he has been able to convince Tim of his point of view. It's hard to have a convincing point of view when you're busy posing and trash-talking. He tells the story of how he and Melanie met and how she got pregnant five months later. In case you were thinking that Jeffrey loved you more than he loves his son, he doesn't. He loves Harrison "more than anything or anyone." Revolutionary. I know it's not an odd sentiment to love your child more than anything, but it's like he's saying that he loves his kid more than you love your kid.

Jeffrey describes for Tim how his fashion business took off very quickly. In fact, he has a studio away from his home now. All of the success is due to his sobriety. His dad left their family when Jeffrey was 8, and he was a real jerk before he left. Jeffrey blamed himself for his dad abandoning them and his adolescence basically consisted of a deep descent into drug use. About five years ago, he had reached his limit and was going to hang himself. Luckily, a roommate of his had just gotten fired from her job and came home and found Jeffrey and saved him. I can't think of a better "things happen for a reason" moment than saving someone's life after you got fired. The next day, Jeffrey went into rehab and has been sober ever since. Good for him. He says that he gets so upset when Harrison falls down that he can't imagine what it must feel like to have your kid become a junkie. Poor Pam.

Tim asks Jeffrey how life has been since the show started airing, and it sound like he has been super-busy. He interviews that he really wants to win. He wants to make a future for Harrison.

They go to Jeffrey's design space in downtown L.A. It's massive. He says that his inspiration for his collection was Japanese ghost stories. They are childlike, colorful, sophisticated, and scary. Tim is impressed. He hugs Jeffrey and says that he's thrilled.

Two weeks later, they return to New York. We see Michael in the airport with five days to go until the Bryant Park. He interviews that his collection is "nasty." That means it's good. One of the mannequins was like, "I was kind of confused there for a minute, but I think I've got it."

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