Project Runway
Season 3 Finale, Part II

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Season 3 Finale, Part II

Later, Jeffrey gets a call from Tim. Jeffrey is missing some receipts from Park Pleating, the company that he outsourced to for... pleating. Jeffrey needs to have the company fax the missing receipts to Tim & Co. Jeffrey says that Park Pleating is like Sanford and Son, which means it has a really great theme song. Damn lucky pleaters. Tim says he doesn't know what will happen if Jeffrey can't get the receipts. I imagine he'll have The Big One. Jeffrey calls the company and asks for the receipt. Then he interviews that if they can't produce it, he won't be showing at Bryant Park. I'm finding this all very fishy. More than anything, you're going to want to have receipts for services. The receipt is the only really evidence that the service even took place. Unless, of course, you don't want anyone to know how much you paid for the service. And you want everyone to think that you were the person who constructed the clothing.

The next morning, they go the workroom. There's a lot of tension in the air. Jeffrey blows up Tim Gunn's cell and is all, "I'd really like to talk to you!" He interviews that he's dying to know the outcome of the audit. He says it would be "utterly tragic" if he didn't get to show at Fashion Week. Mmm hmm. Or funny -- I don't know. And I say that knowing that Jeffrey is incredibly talented. But it would be kind of funny if he didn't get to show. Funny in a horrible way, but still funny. To me.

Jeffrey starts making a new outfit. Why? Well, "just in case" he can't get the receipt for the pleating of his bubble shorts, he's going to make something new. What foresight he's showing! It's almost like he knows there isn't going to be a receipt. I mean, sure, it's Sanford and Son, so why should he expect a receipt? More importantly, why would he entrust a project for the most important professional event of his entire life to a dog-and-pony show like these Park Pleating folks? I guess you don't have to be a good accountant in order to pleat some shorts, but... COME THE FUCK ON! Who are these people? Jeffrey can have his entire collection 100 percent completed when he arrives in New York, which not a single other designer in the history of the finals of this show has done, but he can't maintain receipts for one project? It's not that hard to keep it together for one project.

Finally, Tim gets there. The designers all stand in a posed formation, with Jeffrey in the front and Laura over his shoulder, like a little devil. Tim says that, after exhaustive auditing of Jeffrey's receipts, they are confident that he is within budget. Jeffrey starts to cry. Uli hugs him, and he keeps on crying. Tim seems really bothered by this whole thing. I think that he must really like Jeffrey. ["Or he's uncomfortable with the self-absorption that allows Jeffrey to boo-hoo over something like this while having shown zero respect historically for the work or feelings of others. I don't actually hate the dude, but: grow up, duder." -- Sars] Tim continues, saying that since Jeffrey doesn't have a receipt for the pleating of the shorts (hi, IRS, let me direct you to a little sitcom called Park Pleating), he will have to lose them from his collection. As well, he is the only one of the designers who was over budget, by $227.95. He will have to lose something else from his show to get his collection within the $8000 budget, and the judges will be told that he went over initially. It sounds like Tim almost cries when he says this part. Maybe it was just unexpected inflection, but it sounds like a cry voice. Tim concludes that he believes that the playing field is now even. Also, he gives some lip service to how Project Runway is nothing without its purpose of seriousness and what have you. Jeffrey's still crying and his tattoos are totally running. Oh, that's just how they looked in the first place. YOU'VE WON THIS ROUND, SEBELIA!

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