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Season 3 Finale, Part II

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Season 3 Finale, Part II

The next morning, they're all ready at 4:15. Jeffrey says that it's the most important day of his life and he has only had two hours of sleep. Dare I say that I think Jeffrey just had his cutest moment? He looks sort of adorable when he's really tired like that. Laura says as she's fixing her hair that she's glad Jeffrey's showing, because she wants to beat him on the runway, not in the accountant's office.

At Bryant Park, they walk into the empty tent where their show will be. Everyone's kind of in awe. Michael says that he used to watch the Fashion Week shows from home as a kid. All of the chairs have gift bags in them, with a copy of Elle poking out. Jeffrey is wearing pedal-pushers. He says that he wants to prove that he belongs at Bryant Park.

With two hours to go before the show begins, there's madness backstage. Everybody's making decisions and there's lots of hustle and bustle. Michael remarks that you only have one opportunity like this, so everything has to be perfect.

As the show gets closer, we start to see some of the eliminated designers arriving for the show, including Alison, Katie, and Angela. Everyone's families are in the front row. Michael tells all of his models backstage that they look "hot," and he's really excited.

Everyone seems prepared. And the show begins. Heidi enters the runway and greets the audience. She introduces Michael Kors and Nina Garcia (Chloe Dao is sitting next to her). The guest judge is Fern Mallis, the creator of Olympus Fashion Week. Then Heidi introduces Jeffrey.

Jeffrey enters the runway in his pedal-pushers and a sleeveless tee and jumps up and down to show how excited he is. He's so punk rock. He says that he's very happy his family is there. He sees that baby Harrison is upset and says that he's "crying... with glee." Sounds like someone may have a future as an emcee at the Peanut Gallery Comedy Club. If this whole fashion thing doesn't work out. He tells everyone that he hopes that they love his collection as much as he does. And the show begins.

The first dress is a sundress with a shredded asymmetrical skirt. It's a red fabric with white polka dots on it. There are also some pure red panels. It's a lot like his other stuff. The next design uses the same polka dotted fabric. It's a square-cut swimsuit with a plunging neckline. There's a transparent jacket over the suit. The suit is really cute and the jacket is a nicely made touch. Next is a baby doll dress in the same polka dotted fabric. It's high-waisted with a layer of transparent fabric over the polka dots; it kind of pulls the fabric of the jacket that was just on the runway into this design. Next is a girl in white jeans and a long-sleeved, stomach-baring shirt of red-checked fabric. There are long strips of fabric that hang from the blouse in rings. Eh. The sleeves fit asymmetrically, which looks pretty cool. Next is halter dress that is split down the middle. Half is red and black striped. The other is black and white striped. It's really beautiful. The skirt has some asymmetrical layers to it. It's really lovely. Elisabeth Hasselbeck is sitting next to Daniel Vosovic. I'm sorry, Danny. She looks cute, though.

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