Project Runway
Season 3 Finale, Part II

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Season 3 Finale, Part II

Next, we see a couple of punk outfits. Then a lovely short cocktail dress. A couple of missteps follow. First, this high-waisted midnight blue concoction that looks oddly Mama's Family. And that's not a good thing, which I believe is the first time that can be said in connection with anything that Vicki Lawrence has touched. Following that is one of Uli's models who has mistakenly made it into Jeffrey's show. ... Oh, wait, it's just Jeffrey's version of a long flow-y halter dress, ala Uli. He's not very good at it. This weird slit in the front seriously makes the models legs look elephantitis-stricken. Sorry, model.

He makes up for it with some hot white leather jeans and a silver slip top. On top is a beautifully fitted blazer. It's edgy, but sexy and feminine. Vicki would totally die for that shit. Marilinda finishes the show in this really beautiful green and silver striped dress. It's asymmetrical with lots of volume and looks edgy and lovely at the same time. Is it just me, or is his entire collection inspired by Vicki Lawrence? Jeffrey comes out to applause. Okay, Robert Verdi is sitting next to Jeffrey's family and he's not even clapping. What an ass.

Uli comes out immediately after Jeffrey leaves. She says how thankful she is for the experience of Project Runway, and repeats her thing about coming to America with a dream. Then her show begins.

The first dress has a definite safari feel to it. There's a round metallic collar with an earth-toned print dress attached. Very flow-y and Uli-like. Next is another earth-toned wrap dress with a thick silver belt. It has sort of an '80s feel, in a good way. Following that is a halter dress with a high collar. The top is silver and it has a thin cut-out along the cleavage. The bottom of the dress is tan. Several pretty party dresses follow, in silver. This stuff is fucking gorgeous. Amanda, the model, enters. She's wearing some dark green short-shorts and a silver top that is t-backed and shows a lot of the back. It's just beautiful.

Uli interviews that she loves her collection and wouldn't have changed a thing. Several more dresses follow, all draped beautifully. There's some lovely pleating action going on too. Bitch better have receipts, or... nothing will happen to her.

Finally, we get a crazy print. It's a long, blue dress of a psychedelic print. Next is another print, this one a crazy yellow and black. Wait -- in a virtuosic flourish, the model reveals that she's actually wearing a bikini and wrap. The audience applauds. A couple more long flow-y print gowns follow. The last is Nazri, in a beautiful green print. Her back is bare and lovely. The neck is high and there's some lovely draping going on. Uli comes out to a lot of applause. Some German-looking guy on the front row blows her a kiss.

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