Project Runway
Season 3 Finale, Part II

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Season 3 Finale, Part II

Laura enters and cracks a joke about how she "made it big in the fashion world" because she's big and pregnant and in the fashion world. Then her show begins. The first number is a tan turtleneck dress. Very simple, except for some lovely beading along the hem and ends of the sleeves. Next is a high-waisted cocktail number, silver with a black belt. Very feminine. Laura interviews that her collection is intended to send a message to American women that they can be glamorous. She thinks that you can make your life better with fashion. Lots of lovely dresses follow. She has one little short-shorts look, with a décolletage-revealing jacket on top. On the jacket is a huge lace flower. It's kind of cool. I'm not sure who would wear it, but it's cool. And, I mean, I don't know the age of the person that would wear that. She gets applause for this pants-and-lace-dress ensemble that I kind of love. It's very Pillow Talk. Next is a long dress, black lace over white. A black feather shrug tops it off. This is a mistake. It's not ugly, but the judges have seen almost the exact same dress from her. You can stick with your style without repeating yourself. Next is another black lace dress with a feathered skirt. More applause. The crowd seems to really like her stuff. It all certainly looks PERFECTLY made. More black dresses. A slim slacks look with a sternum-baring top gets applause, and it is tailored to perfection. Finally, Camilla enters in a long grey dress with amazing beading and a chartreuse belt. There are also chartreuse beads around the belt, giving it the appearance of melting into the grey. Really beautiful. Laura gets huge applause when she comes out. Backstage, she gets a kiss from Tim.

Michael enters to a lot of -- nay, the most -- applause. He says that his collection is "Street Safari." It's about a "sexy, secure, sophisticated" woman. Somebody steal his thesaurus, please. Brandy is sitting in the audience and is clearly enamored of Mr. Knight.

His show begins with Fantasia Barrino, or at least it looks like her. It's a white dress with a collar that is opened and has a corset tie. No. This is no. Next is a blousy white wrap top over short-shorts. That looks kind of cute. But then more corseted cleavages come down the runway. No again. Stop it, Michael. A see-through top and white pants. The fit is beautiful, but it still looks kind of trashy. A high-waisted green dress that makes the model look pregnant. What is happening? This looks just like the stuff he showed in his portfolio. More trashy dresses. A tangerine-colored skirt and belly-baring top. That's probably the single worst outfit to show at Bryant Park this year. It's probably not even interesting to trashy people. It's too trashy for trash. Oh my god, here comes a hot pink shorts jumpsuit. Yes, with a corseted collar. That is not cute! Why does he think that's cute? Stop it with the pirates, Michael! Next is a gold bathing suit with cutouts on the side, and I swear he showed practically the same thing in his portfolio. A short, belted print dress comes down the runway. It's pretty cute, but soon the memory is erased by another trashy swimsuit.

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