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Season 3 Reunion

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Season 3 Reunion

Heidi asks Malan how things have been for him. They've been going very well. Tim even points out that Malan showed at Fashion Week. Did Malan never have eyes? I don't remember him being so laugh-y eyed. Anyway, good for him and his Fashion Week show. That's pretty remarkable. Everybody agrees and applauds Malan.

Next, the same question is posed to Angela, who answers, "Wow." That's not really an answer to that question, but I'm honestly not surprised about that. Essentially, Angela had planned to answer whatever question was asked her with a story about how people felt sorry for her because Jeffrey was shitty to her mom. She says that she can't "walk down the streets of L.A. without being mobbed." So much for off the grid in Ohio, huh? That was fast. But she says she's loving every second of her notoriety and that seems pretty sincere. Still, she's just kind of annoying, isn't she? She always says the clunky thing and in general is just kind of embarrassing. I wish the shit hadn't gone down with her mom so I could hate her unfettered. ["You're a better man than I." -- Sars]

Heidi is ready to bring out the final four designers, but first she would like to know which of the eliminated designers they thought would have made it to the end. Katie says Alison. She thinks that she has a unique point of view that would be popular with a lot of women. Fat Minnie Mice everywhere agree. Vincent says that he thought Kayne of Many Colors would have made it. He feels that his presentation is terrific and his product is unique and he's going to do very well. I'm actually a little bit shocked by that. I don't think we witnessed his admiration for KoMC's work during the season, but Vincent looks like he feels very strongly about what he just said. Nice little surprise. Love is all around us.

Stacey says that she thought Robert would have made it. He laughs and says that he thought he was going to make it too and was shocked when he was auf'd. I've missed Robert.

OK, Heidi's ready to get down to business. She introduces "Fraulein Uli Herzner." In German, that means "Fraulein Uli Herzner." Uli enters from behind the Project Runway scrim and greets everyone. I hardly recognize her, as she is wearing an uncharacteristic flowy print blouse. Next, Tim says it's the youngest designer in the final four, Michael Knight. Michael gets a hoot or two from the designers as he enters. It looks like he has gotten braces. Good for him.

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