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Season 3 Reunion

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Season 3 Reunion

Heidi says that there was one person who, at the beginning of the season, they thought would make it to the finals. Oh my God, I knew Daniel Franco had to be in this season. Somewhere! It wouldn't be Project Runway without him. Wait a second, Heidi says the person in question was disqualified. Keith Michael. Eh, Daniel Franco, Keith Michael -- what's the difference? Keith is there, and Heidi introduces him.

Keith enters to polite applause. Alison is beaming at him. He sits beside her. Heidi asks him how he's doing and he's fine and has a really forced smile on his face. Heidi reminds him that he thought he would be a laughingstock to all of his friends and she asks if that has been the case. No, Keith underestimated his friends. Alison gives his shoulder a squeeze. They were never going to laugh in his face. Who does that? I bet at least a few of his friends are laughing at home right now, though. Keith is cute -- strong chin -- but I wish he wouldn't talk.

Tim says that the episode in which Keith was eliminated has been one of the most talked about in the series' history. They air clips of the whole Keith saga. We watch the designers watching the clips, but no one does anything interesting. Alison wipes her nose and I think we're supposed to imagine that she's crying. I think it's more likely that she's got some Lindsay Lohan party powder.

After the clips, Heidi asks everyone if they thought Keith's elimination was fair. Robert says that he thinks it was indeed fair. Heidi reminds Alison that she was upset when Keith was eliminated, and she says that he was one of the designers that she "related to the most."

Kayne of Many Colors says that he was sorry Keith was disqualified, but they all signed a contract stating what they could and couldn't bring to the show. They couldn't even have magazines. That seems a little strict. How am I supposed to function without my subscription to Popular Winning Project Runway Weekly? I wouldn't want to live in a world without it, is all I'm saying.

Tim asks Keith if he thinks the outcome was fair, and he says that we can see in face and eyes that he's upset. ["Which we couldn't, really, because he's a sociopath, but okay, Keith." -- Sars] And no, he doesn't think it was fair. Uh, Keith says that it wasn't in the contract that you couldn't bring books, which gets an immediate smackdown from the other designers, including Stacey Estrella, a lawyer. Of course, if her lawyering skills are anything like her designing, what the fuck does she know? She adds that looking at a pattern in a book, even if it isn't copied, gives a designer an edge because of its suggestions. That tactic isn't working, so Keith says that he gave the producers the books when he arrived at the show. Then, later, they were placed back in his room. Everyone is silent and Keith says, "Uncomfortable, isn't it?" Wrong "un-." I was thinking "unbelievable."

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