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Season 3 Reunion

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Season 3 Reunion

Tim shows some clips of Kayne of Many Colors talking really quickly. They show a word count of him talking to Tara Conner, Miss USA. It was 932 to 7. Afterwards, he says he wanted to tell himself to shut up. Then KoMC takes us into commercials. Quickly.

Tim says that he is often asked about Malan. Malan says he has gotten two million emails. Damn, that's unbelievable. He says that he didn't get a lot of support from his family after the show. Heidi asks why, and he thinks it's because of fears that they had when he was young of being gay. They were so afraid that he would be something socially unacceptable that they never took the opportunity to nurture him. That's really sad. So, they aren't afraid that he's gay now? He's a fashion designer! It doesn't get gayer than that. Just kidding, Malan. But, really, go throw a football around or something. Tim reads a question from the website. Where is Malan's accent from? He lived in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Australia, and the U.S. Otherwise, it's totally made up. Then Malan laughs, and it's crazy. Heidi makes fun of his laugh, then shows a clip show of Malan laughing and all of the designers making fun of it.

Tim asks the designers what challenge they liked the most. Alison says the dog challenge, because "animals make [her] happy."

So, what was the hardest challenge? They all think the mom challenge was the hardest. Robert explains that designing for a plus-size woman was out of his skill set. As well, you're working with someone's mother and "except for some people, you don't want to make them cry." By the way, he meant Jeffrey. At least, he pointed at him with both hands.

They look at a clip of Jeffrey being a total buttmunch to Angela's mother. Jeffrey looks a little embarrassed watching the clip. Afterwards, Jeffrey says he doesn't feel any differently about the way things happened. Angela says that she doesn't know what to say. Jeffrey does say that he didn't intend to make Darlene cry, which I frankly find at least a little comforting, big jackass that he still is. He says that what bothered him was that Darlene never said anything about not liking the dress to him, so he assumes that she was just going to talk shit about him on the runway. Angela says that his assumption is a reflection of his character, not her mother's. Not a bad comeback. Robert says that Jeffrey shouldn't have spoken to Darlene the way he did, and he thinks Jeffrey knows that. Jeffrey kind of shrugs at that, but doesn't say anything. Robert adds that you wouldn't speak to any client the way that Jeffrey did to Darlene. Laura then says that Darlene was more invested in the outcome of the design than the other mothers were and that made it harder for Jeffrey. What the -- whose side are you on here, Laura?

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