Project Runway
Season 4 Finale, Part I

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Season 4 Finale, Part I

He says that his entrée into fashion was a costume contest in San Francisco that he won. After his victory, he decided that he wanted to make costumes for a living. Meanwhile, we are seeing some crazy pictures. One is a Cruella De Ville drag outfit, and the cape has stuffed animal Dalmatians on the inside. He says that he had a successful costume career in San Francisco, but he had always wanted to move to New York.

His friends are sweet. Nelson tells Tim that he watches the show for him and Heidi. Larry says very earnestly that Chris adds a lot to the show. Chris tells a story about being approached by someone with a police badge who said, "You're under arrest, for being the best designer on Project Runway." Chris interviews that he would love to show his work at Bryant Park. He got into fashion because he wanted to add some laughter and fun into the world and he loves that his work can make people happy. As Tim is leaving, Larry says to Chris, "Well that went pretty well." His friends seem really sweet.

The Bravo question of the week is: "Who do you think should go to Fashion Week?" That's pretty bold of the network. They're putting themselves in the position of having the viewers be at odds with the judges. Maybe that's good.

With 5 days until Fashion Week, Rami arrives at the airport. He interviews that he is nervous and excited. At a hotel, Chris arrives. He says that he has been anticipating the "three-piece walk off" since the day they left. He goes over his trajectory of being on the show, then eliminated, then back on, then in the final four. Could he win? He thinks that the shower in his hotel room is bigger than his first apartment. Well, I don't want to brag but....

We see Christian in a taxi. He thinks it's nerve-wracking to be back. He loves his collection and of course finds it "so fierce." He's in his hotel room when there is a knock at the door. It's Jillian. He says, "Tina. Diva." It's so funny. They giggle and seem excited to see each other. He makes fun of her for bringing a plant. Perhaps unrelated, she asks him if he's going to be nice to her. He asks her if she's going to be nice to him. Yeah, she's been out of control. She says, "Love you, mean it" at the same time that he says, "Your hair looks good." Jillian interviews that Christian is fun but has never been a huge fan of hers. I like that she possesses a self-awareness at the same time that she's a total space cadet weirdo. I realize that I've sort of been falling in love with Jillian over the past couple of weeks and, for the life of me, I don't really know how it has happened.

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