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Season 4 Finale, Part I

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Season 4 Finale, Part I

Heidi asks Chris why he chose the looks that he did. He says that he wanted to stay in one color section, and he felt black was the most dramatic. Heidi thinks that everything was very original. She asks him why he thinks he should go to Fashion Week, and he says it would be interesting for an outsider to be in Fashion Week. And his head might explode.

Nina says that she appreciates Rami listening to their advice. She loves the second look. Well screw me. Michael thinks it's beautiful. Nina doesn't like the proportion of the coat. Does anyone else think Jenny Lewis from Rilo Kiley should be wearing that? I can't stop thinking that. Heidi loves the evening gown, but Michael thinks that the swirly things on the hips are unflattering. Nina doesn't agree, and neither do I! It's corseted, so who cares if there are some swirls on your hips. Rami says that he was born to do this and that's why he should show at Fashion Week.

Rami and Chris leave the runway, and Nina says that both designers were very dark. They both loved Rami's second look. They think he's commercially viable. Nina thinks that the coat was overdone, but she appreciates that he listened to them. Michael thinks that Chris's work was beautiful and intriguing, but it's still costume. Nina says that many costume designers have become successful fashion folk.

Rami and Chris return to the stage. 58% of voters think that Chris should win. Well, he doesn't. Rami is in. Chris is out. Rami seems really happy, and he immediately gives Chris a big hug. He's such a good sport. Heidi says that he's an incredible designer. He thanks the judges and leaves. Backstage, Jillian gives Chris a big hug when she hears he's not in. He says he's happy for Rami.

Tim comes to get Chris and says that he is great. Chris interviews that he didn't expect "the amount of love that the universe sent [his] way." So sweet.

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