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Back at the workroom, amid the clamoring sequined hordes, Nicolas continues his designier-than-thou rant about he can create couture out of a handful of sequins, some ostrich feathers, and good old fashioned elbow grease. He is annoying me and I hope he loses. But he probably won't. Irina is already on a bitch rampage (bitchpage?) about how you can tell that some of the designers are confident in their designs and others are simply as lost as little deer who wandered into the parking lot of a gun show. Ominously the omniscient camera cuts to Shirin bemoaning her fabric choice as too "prom dress." Is the lighting in Mood so bad that she couldn't tell it was red satin? Meanwhile, Nicolas tries to psych Christopher out by pointing out that there are only four challenges left before the three finalists are chosen. Christopher looks panicked. And he should be because his design concept is '80s punk prom. Let's all say it together: Costume-y! He has even doodled adorable little skulls and cross bones for inspiration. He is planning on a beaded corset, too. Nothing says "Awesome" like beaded skulls. Wait, okay, the sarcasm is for everyone except Alexander McQueen and Damien Hirst. Unlike the confident Christopher, Carol Hannah is a little worried and luckily Irina is here to help rub it in by labeling her fabric choices as cheap and Halloweenie. As Carol Hannah stares at her myriad sequined fabrics, she admits that she doesn't know what she is doing yet. Despite the fact that just last episode she said she designed wedding dresses, she claims she doesn't do things so over the top and she's not sure where to go. You know the saying "those who can't, teach"? That runs through my mind when Carol Hannah wanders over to Logan's station and gives him some pointers on his outfit. He doesn't follow Christina Aguilera because he is from Seattle and only listens to Mudhoney and whoever is on the latest KEXP podcast and sometimes Alice in Chains just for some retro flava. He hopes Christina is the sort to wear zebra print and chains and fur. And while I don't follow Christina Aguilera because I too am from Seattle and I only listen to the latest KEXP podcasts (but never Mudhoney because they once gave me a really lousy tip on the stock market) but I am pretty sure Ms. Aguilera has never snubbed a zebra print. Everyone is getting a little silly and Logan pins Carol Hannah into a caveman fur coat and everyone is giggling except for Irina who has a school marm's glare and you can hear her tsk tsk tsking all the way over here. Nicolas the Magnificent is mumbling to himself about Bob Mackie and Christina Aguilera being on the same stage and how he hopes his head won't explode and how on Judgment Day he is planning on wearing industrial strength adult diapers in case they don't crown him the winner. He is also planning on bringing his lawyer in case they love him so much they want to adopt him.

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