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Christopher is growing on me. He is giving everyone pep talks, including Gordana, who, despite the fact that she has immunity and should really just go take a nap, is in a panic. She already knows that this is not going to be her best work. She is struggling with her dress and also her mood. She is all kinds of blue today, but since they already did the blue challenge, she is in trouble. She has defective beads and ran out of her Thorazine. As more beads begin to litter the floor like sad little snowflakes, she crumples on Althea's worktable. Althea reminds her that she has immunity and to get off her desk and take her gloomy Gus act over to someone who cares. Okay, she didn't really, but her terse response definitely hinted that she didn't feel too bad for Miss Immunity. Hmm. Miss Immunity gives me a great idea for the CDC and NIAID to sell their vaccines to the public. A Miss Immunity pageant! Where all the women are fully inoculated and their swimsuits show off the band aids from their shots. Wouldn't that be a winner? Gordana wanders the floor of the workroom for a while and then goes to take a break in the lounge. At my office we have not one, but two, unofficial cry rooms. It's nice to know that public radio and reality television have something in common.

Luckily for Gordana, tomorrow is a brand new day. So when day breaks in Los Angeles, she has put on a happy face and decided to chuck her sad beadwork in the bin and start anew. I'm sure her psychotherapist would be proud of the symbolism of her do-over. Althea, who we very rarely hear from, pipes in that she has high expectations for this challenge. It's hard to take a designer's taste seriously when she is wearing light blue acid-washed jeans a white tank top and a cap-sleeved black athletic jacket accented with a neon green zipper. Now don't get me wrong, I think Althea is a top contender. She just dresses like a Texan tween. That said, she claims she is out to win it and wants to blow everyone away and I am sure she can. We finally get a look at Nicolas' dress and it is pretty much a dead ringer for his winning Ice Queen costume (which we all know would never have made the cut if Nina Garcia was judging that day). The dress is white and beaded and feathered, but he hasn't decided exactly what to do with the top yet. All he knows is that Christina likes to show off "the girls" and, dude, I realize you probably don't get called "dude" that often, but, dude, that's someone's mom. Quit talking about her lady bits or you'll have to pay into her kid's therapy fund. You know, there is something about the very slight alterations Nicolas has made to his dress that has taken it from "Ice Queen" to "Tonya Harding". It really looks like a Zamboni is going to follow his model down the runway. Shirin's dress on the other hand is looking very Ursula the Sea Witch complete with reams of black fabric accented by white twirls that descend from the hips to the bottom of the long dress. It's a stage dress, to be sure, but for Stevie Nicks, not Christina Aguilera. Carol Hannah is impressed by the sheer volume of fabric that Shirin is working with, but can't really come up with anything else to say about the dress so far.

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