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Althea begins the proceedings with a beautiful long silver dress with a halter top and trailing skirt. It's a little disco ball-ish, but the black feather jacket cuts the effect to a reasonable level. You could definitely see this dress from the cheap seats. Logan's dress is next. We haven't really seen his outfit while it was being created, so it is a bit of a surprise to see a sea green sequin zebra striped one-shouldered minidress come down the runway. He has also made a tiny jacket (a jacketlet?) from black fur. The outfit is completed with black boots. It's not as ghastly as it sounds, but who knows who the judges will like this time. Seriously between Christina Aguilera who will fully admit that she and I have dramatically different taste in clothing (and men) and The Sultan of Sequins himself, I have no idea where these judges will be drawing the line between good taste and tacky. It's a very blurry line. A very sequined, feathered, blurry line. Shirin is next. It is clear that the judges (and Irina) are not going to like this one. She hasn't improved it much from its Ursula the Sea Witch beginnings. It's still long and form-fitting black satin with vertical slits showing off silvery white ruffles, which give the bottom of the dress a lot of movement. Shirin admits it didn't turn out how she would have liked. But I bet the costume designer for The Little Mermaid would be thrilled to have it. Christopher starts giggling as soon as his outfit comes out. The first layer of his two-look ensemble is a black mini dress with a bubble skirt, a semi corseted top and cap sleeves. The model doesn't give the judges much time to look at the dress before ripping it off Chippendales style to reveal the much-anticipated (by Christopher) bustier and sparkle panties. The model is also wearing a garter belt lending the outfit a vaguely whorehouse feel. Bob Mackie looks a little disturbed. In comparison, Nicolas's dress looks fantastic. Not in comparison to the goth whorehouse look, Nicolas's dress still looks like an ice skating outfit. Granted a very well-made and pretty ice skating outfit. It also looks a lot like his Ice Queen costume. But her swears he can see Christina wearing it. He is hoping to be number one. Gordana's dress comes out and she voiceovers that it is not as bad as she thought it would be. Which is kind. It is long and white with a simple halter, beaded bodice, low back, and floor-length skirt. If you bought it for $99 at one of those bargain wedding dress shops, you would be thrilled. And then you would go home and remove the weird NIPPLE POINTS. I had to put that in bold, because I have rewound the tape three times and I can't tell whether it is an intentional outré design element or just an accident. It seriously looks like she is wearing small metallic pasties on the outside of her wedding dress. I am sure that is a look that somebody somewhere might go for but it would involve a lot of time on Craig's List to find that person. Irina has made a black jacket, which looks like a man's smoking jacket and a tuxedo jacket met in a bar and spent a night on a well-worn leather sofa together. The model takes off the jacket to reveal a very short dress black with low cut bodice, thin straps, and patterned beadwork that creates an interesting texture across the garment. It looks like what the women of Mad Men probably called a teddy. Really, it looks like expensive lingerie more than an outfit. But maybe that is Christina's thing. I don't know. Next down the runway is Carol Hannah. Her dress is gorgeous. It is a strapless floor-length column dress with a short train and amazing texture created by the interlaced feathers and sequins. It creates an almost mermaid like effect. Or, I guess a feathered mermaid like effect. I'm pretty sure there is an evolutionary link between mermaids and chickens, they just haven't found it yet.

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