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Judgment Time: Irina is called out alone. I hope they are going to send her home for bad sportsmanship, but instead she is the only one who has qualified to move to the next round. Gordana is next. Heidi sternly tells her that it is extremely lucky that she had immunity this week otherwise she would be going home. I guess Christina doesn't like to accent her nipples. Instead of just nodding her head and slinking off stage, Gordana decides to tell the judges about her no good very bad day and her complete meltdown. Gordana, honey, they don't care. The judges nod politely until the giant hook comes out and yanks Gordana backstage. That leaves Logan, Christopher, Nicolas, Shirin, Carol Hannah, and Althea as the potential winners or the losers. The models come out. Carol Hannah starts the proceedings. She explains that this challenge was a stretch for her because she is not used to working with feathers and sequins, so she decided just to focus her attention on one glam look. Christina applauds her efforts with the ultimate compliment: she could see herself in it. Carol Hannah giggles appreciatively. Bob Mackie loves the interplay of shiny, matte, and feathered blacks. He thinks Heidi would look good in the dress. Oh Carol Hannah is totally going to win. If Heidi could wear it and Christina could see herself in it, everyone else should just walk off stage now. The judges turn to Shirin. Heidi asks if she is happy with the look and she admits she is not wild about it. She wanted to take on a lot to really go over the top, unfortunately she fell over the top and ended up on ugly. Heidi calls it an upscale witch costume. Nina claims to have liked the top half, which is nice with well-constructed straps creating an interesting pattern, but as Nina explains it is all lost when you get to the "Carmen Miranda moment" on the bottom. Nina is actually being kind. I guess she's been out of the game for awhile and we need to give her a chance to warm up. All eyes turn to Althea who explains that she wanted to create a dress that would make it absolutely clear who is the star. Bob Mackie thinks Althea's use of the backside of the sequined material to create a striped pattern on the dress was clever. Heidi thinks it makes the model's bum look good. Glad to know that Heidi is comfortable enough with her sexuality that she can ogle a girl's bum on national television. Christopher is next and now that I can see the dress a little better I'm going with: Goth Judy Jetson, and not really in a good way. And, yes, there could be a good way, at least for the goth curious. It also has large buttons sewn on with big chunky stitches like the eyes on a character from The Nightmare Before Christmas, which could be cute, but are over-powered by The Ugly. Christopher tells the judges that he envisioned Christina doing a cover of a Cyndi Lauper song then taking off the jacket and moving into one of her own songs in the corset and sparkle panties. The judges ask the model to take off the outer dress. Heidi looks the outfit up and down and announces that she does not like the pants. Or the top. Christopher grimaces. Bob Mackie opines that Christopher really needed to have made a better corset and thinks that the outfit could work for a chorus girl behind the star, but not the star. Christina gives him an E for Effort! Because this is cheer camp, apparently. Christopher apologizes for his failures and begs for forgiveness. Heidi does not offer absolution, only purgatory. Nicolas's dress is well received. Heidi thinks it is very pretty and Christina agrees. Bob likes the dress, but wishes there was another element with it (he makes hand gestures suggesting he wants a Harrah's show girl head piece, but I just can't imagine what the judges would say if Nicolas actually sent some five foot tower of beads down the runway). Last up is Logan. He pretends he knows what he is talking about when he says that he wanted to create a look that Christina isn't wearing now and hasn't worn in the past, namely: Punk Rock Princess. The judges diss his three little chains as lacking the requisite drama and Christina thinks the look is a little caveman-ish. Up close I think the dress itself is actually pretty sweet (not sweet like Strawberry Shortcake, but sweet like awesome.). I could actually see Heidi wearing it. Nina applauds him for taking a chance, but wishes he had gone a little further. C'mon Nina, he lined it in hot pink! What more do you want from him? Sheesh.

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