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Laura asks Viktor what he thinks of her look. He thinks the prints from the skirt and top maybe clash. She seems surprised by this. She tells him to picture the top being filled by her model and her boobies, but Viktor is like, "No thank you" when boobies are involved. Laura and Anya wonder what Kimberly is doing. Laura thinks that her pants look like they come from JC Penney and her print for her top is not fashion-forward or any of that nonsense. Viktor doesn't think they should tell her. Maybe he's just completely self-sufficient. But, he acts like this helping of other people is some sort of cheating and I don't believe that. Laura says that they made a pact, the three girls, to share with each other when they thought the other was veering off course. Anya, however, justifies not telling her by reminding Laura that they don't have much time and they don't want Kimberly to not believe in what she's making. Laura thinks that Kimberly's look is 9 to 5 and I'd really like to know just what in the hell is wrong with that.

Kimberly is talking to Viktor about his safari jacket, then coyly says that she likes his pleat on the back. He wonders what she's talking about and she whispers, "It's become popular." Then, they turn around and we see that Josh has the same pleat on the back of his blouse! Scandal! It actually is sort of egregious. He says that he can copy him all he want, he'll still be better. Now that's the attitude!

The next morning, they're all working hard when Tim arrives. He tells them that they will have to create another look for the challenge, one that is only one piece. They will have $50 for the new look. Laura is having problems with that tiny budget. Kimberly is behind with sketching the new look, because she needs to finish her first look. Anya and Bert and even Laura pin their money to their shirts.

At Mood, they're all pinching pennies. Back at Parson's, they start to work on their new looks. Tim visits for consultations. He speaks to Anthony and wonders if his look is a little too old. Anya gets a thumbs up. Laura thinks that Bert's look is Roller Barbie, but Tim isn't so damning. He thinks that it will either get kudos or be hated. Viktor's safari jacket doesn't seem safari enough for Tim. Josh's looks, which Anya thinks are completely confusing, seem to flummox Tim as well. Josh says some junk about wanting to mimic the androgyny of the times. Really? I guess you could make that argument, but Tim thinks he should watch out with the stories. The clothes should speak for themselves. Tim reminds Laura that Nina is pissy about her taste level. Honestly, can I just say that there are few things in the world that I think would bother me as much as someone saying they weren't a fan of my taste level. That's probably pretty shallow, but it's true. Laura says that she's not concerned with her brand pleasing Nina, but for this show, she needs to do that. She says that she's never heard anything about her taste level before and sometimes she thinks her taste is too refined. Viktor shoots a look at her when she says that. It's good.

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