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Sew Me What You Got

Jillian Lewis's design, worn by Amanda, follows. It's completely made of that bright coral fabric that we saw earlier. It's kind of nice that she made her design in just one color, but the design itself leaves me a little cold. It's a halter dress with a short bubble skirt. I feel like I've seen it a million times in the past couple years. Amanda is a rock star, though. She looks amazing, sporting movie-star glam hair and some big old round sunglasses. There are pockets in the skirt of the dress. The halter is pretty cool because the strap is string that has been woven through the high neck of the dress and connects to criss-crossing strings across the back of the dress. Another interesting design element is the low waist of the dress. It increases the interest of the voluminous skirt. Jillian says that she feels her dress was one of the more dramatic designs.

Next is Christian Siriano's design, worn by Lisa. It's a hip take on a ladylike skirt and jacket combo. The skirt has pleated panels and an asymmetrical hem. It's made of a rich tan/gold fabric. There's a band of lighter-colored fabric at the high waist; then there's the jacket, a brown and black plaid fabric. It has puffed sleeves that end at the elbows, where the waist of the jacket also ends. There's a dark ruffle along the middle of the jacket and around the neck, which has a high collar. It's definitely a sophisticated design. There's something a little overly mannered about the asymmetry that bugs me, but this still shows a lot of promise; certainly it shows that Christian has interesting taste. Christian says that he feels his design is accomplished.

Up next is Victorya Hong's design, worn by Jacqueline. It's a flapperish black dress, with two sets of straps at the shoulders. Along with the straps that attach to the rest of the dress is a set of straps that are essentially a ring of fabric around the top of the bust that also goes around the arms. In addition, there's a white and silver flower-like objet at the left shoulder, and the dress flows loosely to its hem, which is right above the knee. Victorya is very happy with her design, and she should be. In regards to the challenge, I'd say this design marks her as a designer with an edge.

Here's Rami's design, worn by Ashley. It's a one-shouldered gray number with a Grecian feel. It comes in at the waist in the front, and in the back it is loose and cape-like. The fabric is shaped into a flower at the top of the right shoulder, similar to the flower on the dress that he made for Jessica Alba. That could become a little tiresome if that's a habit of his. This dress is draped beautifully; it moves like a cloud, which is pretty amazing since it has something pretty big working against it. That something would be Ashley. Her high school counselor should turn in his badge -- why is this girl modeling? I know, that's rude, but come on. She's like the love child of Liv Ullmann and Mr. Ed. Rami is happy with it. He says he noticed that the judges were "transfixed" with Ashley and with his dress. First, I'd say, what else do they have to look at? Second, they were probably trying to make that Liv Ullmann connection in their minds. But the dress is very pretty.

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