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Sew Me What You Got

Ricky Lizalde's design is next, modeled by Wendi. It's a baby-doll dress. Done. Boooooring! The fabric is a really sexy black and silver pattern, but nothing can save it from the incredibly boring cut. Ricky knows this. He says that, after seeing everyone else's designs, he knows he should have made bolder choices. I hope Ricky can get his confidence issues out of the way, because he seems like a nice guy.

It's Jack's turn, and his model Aviva takes the runway. The design is a prim dress with a halter neckline. It's not terribly interesting save for the color choices: the fabric is white with black brocade, and there's a turquoise belt at the waist. The back is bare, and there is a large turquoise bow at the back of the neck. Aviva's carrying a humongo white bag which looks like it's about to throw her off-balance, but it's appropriate for the design. Jack says that he created something he thought was "cute." He adds that expressing who he was as a designer through one design was fine for him. So, I guess he wants to be known as the guy who makes "cute" clothes. Whatever, fine. In the South, calling someone's outfit "cute" is code for "wouldn't be caught dead in that." Make some clothes that are "precious" and we'll talk. "Cute"? No.

Here's Marion's design, worn by Cheron. …I don't know. It's a lacy bustier-style top over an asymmetrical, layered skirt. To be quite honest, it looks like an amateurish attempt to be edgy. It's second-rate Jeffrey Sebelia. Marion is very excited to see his design on the runway. He thinks it is dramatic and "larger than life." It does appear to be constructed well. The colors are dark green and black, with a hint of pink. It has a bit of a gothic romantic feel, but…eh.

Next is Steven Rosengard's design, worn by Sam. It's a black suit, impeccably tailored. The jacket has a high collar, and Sam is wearing a red…scarf? Thing attached to the jacket? Blouse? Something red and satin. It's a nice splash of color, I just can't be really sure what it is. There's also a small bustle at the back of the jacket. Steven said that it wasn't as glamorous as he had hoped, but he was relieved when he saw it on the runway. I have to say, I think it looks pretty good. I'm a sucker for bustles for sure, but it is really a nicely tailored design. Steven is never not squinting, is he?

Carmen's model Anna is here. She's wearing black wide-legged slacks and a gold top. Very 1930s. The sleeves of the top are short and puffed. It's shaped like a jacket and shows some skin at the tummy. It looks really well made, though I feel like I've already seen it many times. Carmen may have OD'd at the wall, though, because Anna is wearing this huge orange print scarf and has on gigantic hoop earrings and too many necklaces. It looks like somebody got into Mommy's jewelry box. Or Daddy's. Carmen says that there is no way she is being sent home for this challenge.

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