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Sew Me What You Got

Here's Kit Pistol's design, worn by Marie. I don't like it. It's a strapless dress of black fabric, with a white circular pattern on it, and above the waist and on the right side it becomes a different dress, one made of red fabric that has a sleeve. It looks like she's prepared to perform both the Gladys Knight and Dionne Warwick parts of "That's What Friends Are For" on Puttin' On The Hits. Clearly a stab at "edgy," it looks schizophrenic instead. And neither of her personalities is a particularly good technician. Kit's happy, though. In fact, she couldn't be happier. Her words.

After the show, all 700 designers are lined up on the runway. Damn. Heidi asks Chris March, Kevin, Sweet P, Jillian, Jack, Marion, Steve, Carmen, and Kit to step forward. They're all safe. The remaining people have the highest and lowest scores. The models are brought back out. Thankfully, Elisa's model is holding that damn train instead of trying to walk in it.

Monique asks Christian what his goal was for his outfit. He says that he wanted to create something tailored, European, and sculptural. He feels that it shows he's an innovative designer. Christian is an up-talker, so it sounds a little like he's not sure he believes himself. Monique says that volume is "in," so she really likes the puffy sleeves on Christian's jacket. She also likes the detailing on his skirt. Michael calls it "quirky tailored." Nina doesn't like the fabric, but she loves the silhouette. Heidi says that it grows on her.

Simone says that she was trying to mix modern and traditional. Nina asks her to take the jacket off the model. She points out that the construction is for shit, and Simone agrees with her and says it was because she didn't have enough time. Michael thinks that the shrug doesn't work with the rest of the outfit at all. He thinks it looks like she got dressed in the dark. Bitch grew some longer claws for this season. Monique says that she was bored by Simone's design.

Monique loves Rami's dress. He tells them that he used silk georgette because he wanted to use something new and romantic. It's a signature of his, he says. Michael thinks that the flower on the dress is "M.O.B. -- mother of the bride." But, they all agree that his design is very chic.

Ricky explains that his background is in lingerie. Nina says it's "sweet" but "safe." Heidi breaks it down and says that it's boring. Michael tells Ricky that he has to "push it."

Monique says that Victorya's design was sweet, and she loves the flower. Victorya adds that she wanted something fresh and that the flower was to offset the black in the dress. Michael says that Jacqueline shouldn't try to hail a cab in the dress, and we find out that the straps around the arms actually prevent her from raising her arms. Victorya says that you have to make sacrifices for fashion sometimes, and Michael agrees that he knows women who would bleed if the dress was right. I agree that we should really promote this sort of behavior.

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