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Sew Me What You Got

Elisa is asked what her point of view was. Her reply included the following bits: "vibrant," "alive," "sylph-like," "aerial," "water," "air," "simple," "beautiful," "cascade," "[swirling noise]." Though stunned, the judges continue. Nina points out that the train drags the rest of the dress down. And the model tripped. Michael likes the color of the dress and the sleeves, but hates the train. Monique says it doesn't look like Elisa knew when to stop. Elisa reveals that her intuition was to cut the dress off at the bottom, but she didn't do it. Heidi seems thoroughly freaked the fuck out by Elisa. Love it. Michael tells Elisa that she should always follow her intuition.

The designers leave the stage, and we get down to judging. They found Victorya charming, Christian edgy and well made, and Rami nicely realized. They found Simone's design boring, poorly made, and uncreative. Nina liked that Elisa's dress was made with one seam, but she and Monique felt like she went too far. Heidi says that it looked like her model was "poo-ing fabric." While Michael and I are laughing our asses off, Nina does not look as pleased. They felt like Ricky's dress was well made, but Michael points out that with a lingerie-maker's experience with foundation, Ricky should have given a lot more.

The designers return to the stage to hear the verdict. Commercial break!

So, America voted -- what do they love about Project Runway? With a ridiculously large 54%, it's Tim Gunn! Only 6% chose the "Catty Judges."

Back on the runway, Victorya is "in." And the winner is Rami! He bows as the music goes all strummy. Backstage, he gets a hug from Victorya. He interviews that he set the bar for the competition. One of the mannequins is all, "'Bar'? Just let Mama put her face on."

Christian is "in." So is Ricky. It's down to Elisa and Simone. Heidi tells Simone that her design had no "wow" factor and was poorly made. She tells Elisa that her design was "way too much." Simone is…out. She seems like she's trying hard to keep it together. She thanks them for the opportunity and, after some kissy-kissy from Heidi, leaves the stage.

Simone interviews that she did not expect to go home first. She feels that her design was beautiful, though it wasn't sewn the way she wanted. Tim comes backstage and tells Simone that they will miss her, but "somebody has to go home first." Seriously, my love for Tim never wanes.

Simone tells us that she feels like she had it in her to make it to the final three, but she may still show in Bryant Park one day. I feel sad for her. She really seems like a nice lady.

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