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Sew Me What You Got

We meet our first lady designer. Carmen Webber, 37 and also a "freelance designer," used to be a model. Wow, she's pretty now, but some of the modeling shots that are shown are seriously gorgeous. Carmen has a pretty intense manner. She explains that she is fortunate to have modeled, because if you haven't modeled, even if you are a talented designer, "you don't know the first thing." That just can't be true. The designs from her portfolio are sketches in the style of seventies paper dolls. It's hard to glean much from them as far as evaluating her style. Carmen is excited to bring her modeling knowledge "to the plate." Ah, our first evocation of the dreaded "plate." "Stepping up" can't be far behind. And let's not forget the "A game." Somebody's A game has to be around here somewhere.

Jillian Lewis, 26, arrives shortly after Carmen. She has been working as an illustrator and designer for Ralph Lauren. She says that working at Ralph Lauren has been a terrific learning experience, but she doesn't want to work to realize someone else's artistic vision. I can't tell if the artwork from her portfolio is her designs or Ralph Lauren's, meaning they look like Ralph Lauren designs. Which isn't a bad thing. Her illustrations are beautifully rendered.

Carmen and Jillian are excited that they are the first to arrive, and decide to stake their claim to bathroom counter space. Jillian says that she doesn't "want those girls taking up her space" just as Kit "Pistol" Scarbo, 26 and a stylist/designer, enters the apartment. Kit introduces herself to Jillian, and Carmen tells her that they are "camping out domain." That's what's killer about recapping this show -- sometimes you're like, "It sounds like she just said 'camping out domain,' which doesn't mean anything, so I need to listen to that again. …Still 'camping out domain.' Again…" Next thing you know, you've listened to Carmen say "camping out domain, girl" 75 times, and it hurts.

Two more guys arrive in the other apartment. Kevin Christiana, 30 and a "freelance designer" with an obsessively manicured beard, tells us that he recently designed a line of jeans, "KJeans by Kevin Christiana." They were featured on the cover of a Victoria's Secret catalog. He is tired of jeans, though, and wants to get back to "tailored, collection-oriented work." Kevin tells us that he likes style and that there are "actually" more straight designers today than there were "back in the day." Oh my. Then he says, "I had to bring that up because I'm such a tough guy." That last comment was punctuated with an eye-roll. I won't question the veracity of his claim about the straight designer thing, but…did he seem a little embarrassed to have said that? I don't know. That's odd.

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