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Sew Me What You Got

Kevin is seated and talking to Jack Mackenroth (the guy with the bitchface in the credits), 38 and an activewear designer. Jack has provided two tickets to the gun show, because he is STACKED. He shakes Kevin's hand and wishes him good luck, but adds with a laugh, "We'll probably hate each other by the end of the show." Intuition tells me that Jack is not helping to prove Kevin's straight/gay designer metric, hereafter known as KScale.

Steven Rosengard, 29 and a "freelance designer," tells us that he works at the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago. He says he has always been interested in art and we see him sketching (in his bio video) a still life of a nude man crouched in a ball. He looks up at the camera and says, "Damn, I wish I could remember this guy's phone number." Well, from the looks of it, he was trying to hide from you when you were drawing him, so I think you should move on, Steven. He recounts for Jack and Kevin how he almost made it onto the show the year before. There's something gentle, yet menacing, about Steven -- perfect!

Simone Le Blanc, 32 and a "freelance designer," enters the girls' apartment with her suitcase and made-up name. It's too perfect, right? ["Our viewing party kept calling her 'Simon Le Bon.'" -- Sars] Elisa Jimenez, 42 and a multimedia artist, enters close behind. She interviews with a bright smile that she is an "accidental fashion designer." She makes marionettes that are from three inches to 30 feet in size. She started designing costumes for herself in order to perform with the marionettes, which is how she got into fashion. The photos of her marionettes are remarkable. Her designs are really well tailored, though a little iffy in the taste department. First impressions: love Elisa, worry about the designs. She maps out for Simone and another girl how she's going to do her yoga in the tiny space between the bed and the window.

Marion Lee, 39 and a boutique owner, is greeted in the boys' apartment. Ricky Lizalde, 35 and a lingerie designer, is close behind.

"Sweet P" Vaughn, 46 and a "freelance designer," is next to enter the girls' apartment. She received her moniker from her days in an all-girl motorcycle club. …Yes. She started a design business two years ago and is out of money, so she really needs Project Runway for her career. The mannequins are like, "Sweet P? Is that you?" Sweet P shows her tattoos to Carmen and Jillian. On one arm is a tattoo of Sweet P. On the other is a tattoo of "Mean P," whom Sweet P hopes no one will meet. Please be crazy, Sweet P.

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