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Sew Me What You Got

Okay, I hear Heidi. It's time to start this shit. Heidi and Tim ask the designers to gather round. Heidi looks good. It shouldn't be a surprise, but that lady is so freaking hot. She introduces Tim as the Chief Creative Officer of Liz Claiborne, Inc. Fancy! Tim tells the designers that he is confident they're the strongest group of designers on the show yet. This, of course, gets applause.

Heidi plugs the Gotham Apartments and then tells the designers that the party is over. Tim says that the first challenge won't be like years past, where they used found objects to create a design. Heidi points across the lawn of Bryant Park at three white tents that have been set up, and says that they will have to use those tents as their raw materials. Their designs will need to express who they are as designers.

Christian interviews that the tents appeared to be made of plastic and he didn't want to use that "cheap white crap." Tim tells them not to despair, though; there are lots of different fabrics in the tents. They'll have ten minutes to choose from the selection of fabric in the tents. When Heidi says "Go!" they all start running for the tents. Ricky says that he ran like "a Mexican running for the border." Thing I learned: designers look funny running.

Everybody is crazy with the fabric, grabbing everything they can. Kevin gets a plaid fabric that Kit wanted. Chris, bless his heart, is the last one to make it to the tents, because he can't run that fast. But the fabric he wants is still available! Ricky says that he was a whore who grabbed a bleep load of fabric.

Elisa -- I love this -- had some silk chiffon which she chose to imbue with "a natural element." So, she puts it on the grass and walks on it with her knees to give it grass stains. That could work well, but, having actually watched this show before, I predict that it probably won't. Steven says that Elisa may be a little "off her block," but he's interested to see what she does.

Time's up; Tim leads everyone to the Parsons workroom, but not before pointing out that the only fabric not chosen was fur! Bunch of hippies.

At the workroom, everyone finds their spots. Jack interviews how exciting and surreal it was to be there. Kevin thinks that this is a great challenge because they had their choice of $50,000 of fabric with which to do anything they wanted. Tim comes in and tells them to make it work, which gets big laughs and applause.

Victorya finds the challenge difficult, because "Who are you as a designer?" is a philosophical question that designers attempt to figure out throughout their entire careers. Very good point.

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