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Sew Me What You Got

Ricky decides to make a baby-doll dress with the impression of lingerie, since that's his background. That seems pretty boring, doesn't it? He tells Simone that he was a cheerleader in high school. "I was such a queen."

Simone interviews that she is creating pieces with a "romantic, historical sensibility" to them. She feels that her fabrics mix old and new ideas. Rami, who is decked out in a tank top with distractingly fit arms, says that he loves to drape. He also loves to mix feminine with edgy. Kit asks what time it is and is directed to the clock right above her head.

With 11 hours until time's up, Elisa is attacking some bunched-up fabric with shears. She explains that she veers more towards avant garde, so she wanted to create a "mythical gown." She's hacking with the shears at what she calls a "cascade" that will appear like "water or magic." She crazy. She is sitting on her workstation table, sewing her design around her own legs. "You're the dress form?" asks Chris. He interviews that they were all checking out Elisa because her process was "so different" from what everyone else was doing. I admire him for not just saying she's an idiot or something. Kevin tells her that her process is "very spiritual." Not sure I'd go that far. Everyone is being surprisingly even-handed with Elisa. Oh wait, here's Christian: "Elisa reminds me of a rain goddess woman. She's like all spiritual…and in the Himalaya Mountains. She's real strange."

With six hours remaining, everyone's starting to get a bit rushed. Jillian says that she grabs bright fabrics, but the design has to be elegant and sophisticated. I'm assuming that she wishes she'd picked something classier than the coral fabric she's working with.

Kit says that her designs are a little "bizarre" but she hopes the judges will notice her individuality. She's afraid she will confuse them. You're right, Kit Pistol, you may in fact be far too cutting-edge for the judges. Be afraid of that. Steven tells us that he likes to keep things simple and classic.

Carmen borrows a pinking shear from Jack and says, "You're the superhero and you look like one too." One of the other girls chimes in from off-camera, "Did you see his abs?" To which Jack responds, "I'm in the room!" But he likes it. Who wouldn't?

With four hours remaining, Tim returns and remarks that it seems very intense in the workroom. He stops at Rami's spot first. Rami has made a dress that looks almost completed -- he tells Tim that he wanted to "freestyle" for the challenge. Tim says it's "stunning." Then he says it again. Christian interviews that Rami is competition, but he feels like Rami's design has been done by many other designers.

Next, Tim spends some time with Christian. He tells Christian that there are some symmetry problems with the top he's made, to which Christian responds that "that wasn't the point." Tim then breaks it down for Christian -- the judges may love it, but Tim is obligated to tell Christian what he sees in the design. Christian says, "You want me to make a new jacket?" And of course, Tim says no. No matter how savvy each progressive season of designers becomes (i.e. knowledge about the process, judges, et cetera), there are always people who get defensive the second they are given any input.

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