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Sew Me What You Got

Tim finds Simone's design unfinished. She agrees. Simone interviews that her design hasn't turned out the way she had expected, so she's a little "freaked out."

Elisa explains her design to Tim as clean in the front and messy in the back. The mangled "cascade" is supposed to unfurl as the model walks. Tim asks Elisa if that will work, and she says that when she tried it in the past, it "kind of worked." Respect her honesty, question her judgment. Tim suggests that she ask herself, "Did I take this as far as I needed to?" He's so diplomatic. Send this guy to North Korea. The camera gives us one last disgusted pan down the back of Elisa's creation.

After Tim leaves, Elisa decides that she doesn't want to "compromise" her original vision for her design. So, though her edges are unfinished and the design could probably benefit from some ruthless editing, she decides that she is done. While the other designers are working for the final two hours, she takes a nap. Again, kinda love the lack of guile, but is she kidding us?

Everybody scrambles for the final two hours. Everyone except Elisa. At one point, Sweet P asks, "How does my dress keep shrinking?" As Simone scrambles, we hear her say that she likes her design, but there are technical problems with it. Tim told her that the final success of her design would depend on how much she could accomplish technically. I like her -- she seems really nice. ["And she was in Duran Duran!" -- Sars] She says that you can't be good and have things be easy all the time. When time is up, they wake Elisa and head back to the apartments.

The next morning, HOLY MUSCLES FROM BRUSSELS, Jack is shirtless and pantless and applying lotion. Hey, Daddy. He interviews that everyone was very anxious about the impending runway show. Pointed cut to Elisa as she does some yoga, and we hear an interview where she says it's a challenge for her to make her design look "clean."

When they arrive at Parsons, Simone says it was a high-pressure atmosphere and she was feeling a need to focus and get her stuff done. Carmen says that she's nervous about some finishing touches the she has to complete. Also, she's worried about the fit, because they haven't even seen the models.

Tim enters and wishes the designers good luck. He says that he is about to send in their models, at which point they will have two hours to process them through the Tresemme hair salon and the L'Oreal Paris makeup room. He also advises them to make good use of the accessories wall. Also tucked away at Parsons are the H&R Block tax den and the Jiffy Lube colonic parlor.

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