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Sew Me What You Got

It's time for the show to begin! First up is Elisa's design. Her model, Lea, is holding the train/"cascade." The major portion of the dress is really well done. The dress is a lovely blue and opens at mid-calf in the front. It has a plunging neckline and flowing, loose sleeves that leave the shoulders and back exposed. It fits the model like a glove, except…the train. The second she lets it unfurl, it gets caught under her feet. Elisa interviews that her worst nightmare about the design came true. And you only had, I don't know, SEVERAL hints that you needed to take your design in a different direction. Pull it together, Elisa.

Next up is Chris March's design. It is a halter dress with a very high waist. The bodice is a print that contrasts with the deep shimmering purple fabric of the floor length skirt. Not terribly innovative, but beautiful. And it fits the model, Marcia, gorgeously. The back of the dress has a diamond-shaped cutout created by the criss-crossing of the halter straps and the shape of the skirt. Also, high on the back, the fabric creates a voluminous bow of sorts. It really is lovely. Chris says that he loved his design. It has a high-quality feel and elegance.

Next is Kevin Christiana's design, worn by Katie. It's a short black dress, with a silver fabric bustier over the bodice. The black fabric is pinstriped and contrasts nicely with the shimmering silver. It's a sexy dress -- girlish, yet sophisticated. Kevin says that he likes tailored, well-made clothing. Finally. Enough with these designers who like baggy, thrown-together shit. I'm tired of them shoving that down our throats.

Next is Sweet P's model, Christina. She's wearing a short dress of light gold print fabric. The silhouette is sort of an empire-waist bubble. That silhouette is kind of last season, but it's still pretty and the details are really nice. At the hem of the dress is a ribbon of red fabric. There's also a little bow of the same red material at the middle of neckline. Right below the bow is a tiny little sexy cutout. The straps of the dress are made of a multi-colored (blues and reds) satin fabric. Sweet P rightly describes it as a "happy dress." She says that Christina did everything she wanted her to do. I like this dress more on repeat viewings. I really love the fabrics she used and the accents she employed, even the red lipstick and shoes on Christina that match the fabric on her dress. From the looks of it, Sweet P might have pretty good taste.

Next is Simone's dress, worn by Lauren. I'm confused. I know she had some problems with the technical side of the design, but I really don't get this. Maybe if I talk myself through it…okay, it's a high-waisted dress with a lot of pleating along the front if it, giving it a sort of Grecian look. The fabric of the skirt is light pink and is matched with a shrug of black brocade print. At the end of the runway, Lauren removes the shrug to reveal a pretty rote plunging neckline, except this one doesn't fit well and isn't very well made. The straps and the sash at the waist of the dress are made of a cool bright yellow fabric, which is a nice touch. I guess you can make the argument that Simone mixed old and new, with the Grecian look of the skirt and the brocade print of the shrug next to the modern neckline and skirt length, but you'd have to argue it out loud. The dress certainly doesn't speak for itself. Simone says that she suffered from a little hesitation when she saw the dress. She knows it's not great, but she hopes that her design will transcend the construction. Good luck with that.

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