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In the workroom, Tim greets the designers and tells them that they will be designing a red carpet look for a celebrity. Shall we play guess the celebrity slash wish list? I'd guess like Kim Delaney or somebody who was on a Lifetime show. I don't know if she's difficult, but that's probs all bullshit anyway. My wish list would include Gabourey Sidibe (seriously, they'd all cry) or, I don't know, Dame Edna. It's time to meet the celebrity. Death music plays as the workroom door slowly opens to reveal... Heidi Klum Seal. Wasn't she just here in the last paragraph? Yeah, I know, I'll wait while you pick you fucking jaw off the floor. COME ON. We've already had a challenge about Heidi this season! She greets them (again) and Seth Aaron reminds her that she said the celebrity was opinionated and picky. Heidi, who has made her way to Tim's side, says that she is very opinionated and very picky, but she added like fourteen very's. Seth Aaron says that they love those qualities in her, which I think would certainly qualify as him "making shit up," no? Heidi tells the designers that she wants them to make a look for her, but they should keep their personality as designers. The requirements for that last part seem more and more arbitrary with each successive challenge.

Heidi tells the designers that a red carpet look needs to be simple, because it has to work from all angles for photographers. I guess that is an attempt to make this challenge seem different from the challenge where they were designing something that she would be wearing on the cover of a magazine. Also, she will no longer be pregnant, so Heidi tells them to think about her "without zee bump!" They will be provided with a dossier of looks that she has worn in the past, to be a sort of guide. She says that she wants to be on the best-dressed list and not... on the worst-dressed list. With that, Heidi leaves us again.

Tim tells the designers that they will have 30 minutes to sketch, then it's off to Mood. They will each have a budget of 300 bucks, which makes everyone surprised and happy. They get started working and Seth Aaron interviews that a challenge like this is a big deal. It's one that you want to win. Like that challenge when you had to design for Heidi.

Maya steps away from the workroom and her dress form is lonely. Jonathan laughs about the fact that he was super confident about his outfit for the last challenge but ended up in the bottom two. He says that he feels like he's in "reverse world" and doesn't know how to please the judges except to make something that he thinks is really ugly. Usually that would sound defensive to me, but he seems truly perplexed. Mila is worried, because she doesn't make a lot of red carpet dresses. However, Heidi is looking for something elegant and simple, and Mila feels like she can do that well. Emphasis on the simple.

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