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Here's our second shot of Maya's dress form. Jay says he wants to work in his sweet spot, which he feels is volume and texture. He believes it needs to have special details that can be captured easily by cameras. Sounds like he's twisting the idea of red carpet to fit his own aesthetic instead of abiding by Heidi's mandate of simple. Emilio also thinks that it has to be dramatic and eye-catching. Oh God, there's Maya's dress form again. So, it looks like Maya died.

Tim saved her. He enters the workroom with Maya. He asks for everyone's attention -- Maya has an announcement. She tells everyone that she has decided to withdraw from the competition. Jay's hands fly to cover his mouth. Seth Aaron makes a face like, "Are you fucking crazy?" Then, he interviews, saying, "Are you fucking crazy?" Maya says that she feels like she's not "ready to go all the way yet." Jonathan interviews that they are all dumbfounded. Emilio implores her to reconsider, since she has made it so far. Jonathan points out that she has made it to the final six and is very talented. He thinks she could make it to Bryant Park. She says that she has done a lot but isn't ready to "get to that point yet." She interviews that she feels like she has what it takes in regards to style and ideas, but she doesn't feel like she's fully formed as a designer yet. We see Nina and Roland Mouret tell Maya that she's too referential and it could spell doom for her career. We see a bit of her talk with Tim where she tells him that she doesn't feel like her point-of-view is completely developed and she doesn't want to put a collection into the world until she's ready. Also, she's having a problem performing on command. Tim asks her if she would consider sticking around for at least one more challenge (seriously, if she's freaking out this much, she would have probably imploded for this challenge), but she says that she thinks it's her time.

Back in the workroom, we see Maya tell all of the designers that she has enjoyed being with them and they have all inspired her. Tim says that they will miss her desperately. She goes to hug Mila first, who seems really confused and upset. She interviews that she thought Maya wanted very much to go to Bryant Park. Jonathan interviews that none of them really understand why she wanted to leave. Jay thinks it has a lot to do with her age. Emilio thinks her excuses for exiting are a cop out. He thinks she should design the hell out of something and at least go out with a bang. He says that quitters never win. Tell that to my lungs. Maya interviews that she knows her limits and has made her decision -- she feels it is time for her to go.

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