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That was weird. I'm sure that Maya put a lot of thought into her decision, but it seems kind of misguided. First of all, I understand that Bryant Park is a massive marketplace, but... you're on national television. The DVD's of this season will be out before long. I'm not sure that your efforts to control how you are perceived wouldn't have been better channeled towards trying to be bold and fearless. Because, a very large group of people already have a perception of you without seeing a collection of yours at Bryant Park and now, for many, that will include the impression that you are a baby quitter. Also, and I think Emilio, though hyperbolic, may have been reacting quite correctly to this, it smacks of entitlement issues when someone seemingly blithely (and I already said I'm sure she put a lot of thought into the decision, but it still seems kinda blithe) tosses an opportunity like this. They don't grow on trees. Tons of designers auditioned for this show and didn't make it on. Even with the boost of the show, not many (save maybe Christian Siriano) of the designers who were actually on the show have maintained a level of success that keeps them in the public eye. Which brings us to my last point. Being in the public eye may not seem like the biggest deal when considering their work and point-of-view and we get all artsy fartsy talking about these designs a lot of the time, but they are creating consumables. They don't have relevance unless someone is buying and wearing them. From all I hear, fashion is a rough freaking business. Ultimately, I think Maya has made a mistake.

With Maya gone, all of the designers are sitting around stunned. All of them say that they didn't expect this. Seth Aaron wonders if she just had a moment of freak-out where she imagined making it to Bryant Park but couldn't imagine what she would present. Mila thinks that he might have hit the nail on the head. He also hands me my ass. He interviews that they work like 20 hours a day, seven days a week. They're always drained. So, for those of me who are judging them, I can fuck off. I should go there and try it if I want to judge. Well said. But, that's actually what I'm here for, to judge.

Tim re-enters and says that he is as shocked as all of the designers. But, the challenge is still on and it's time to go to Mood. Once there, before he starts his stopwatch, Tim tells the designers to not disappoint Heidi. Emilio searches for fabrics that will photograph well. Jonathan tells us that he's looking for a bright colors. Mila has decided to step away from her typical high-contrast colors and will instead use gunmetal grey with gold. We see her tell herself to commit to a color. Seth Aaron notes that a lot of people are using colors that represents their style as designers, but the dossier of Heidi's past look shows a lot of black. Which, I guess, is lucky for him since most of his stuff is black.

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