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Anthony returns from Mood and they are all busy bees. He interviews that he's feeling pressure, but he's trying to not let it consume him. Well, good luck, here comes Tim and Heidi. She welcomes "Miss Thang" back to the competition and he gives her a sassy finger point back. Heidi is there to look at their progress, to which Anthony interviews, "What the hell?" Seth Aaron notes that Heidi has never been in the workroom before while they were working. Jonathan says that they are all very nervous to talk to her.

She starts with Seth Aaron as we hear Emilio interview that Heidi never shies away from sharing her opinion. Such boldness often accompanies a producer credit. Seth Aaron explains that he's trying to take a new approach to black and is having to re-fit his dress for a new girl. Heidi says that she likes black and simple, but the dress will need some sort of "show stopper." Perhaps an oil slick or a smoke screen? Anthony is making a black and white number. He says that it is designed to move, not to hug. Heidi says that she likes black and white and Tim encourages Anthony, saying that his design has the potential to be very exciting. Emilio explains the construction of his dress, which Heidi notes will be very difficult. And, she sees that as a good thing. Tim just nods and agrees. Jay explains his design, which has a lot of volume. They suggest that he make sure that the dress doesn't make Heidi look like she's got a big butt. Jay interviews that it's good that she's critiquing him, since she will be wearing the dress at the end of the day. Heidi doesn't understand the neckline of Jay's piece. There's a weird space between the boobs and Jay says that is the space that would be between her bra. She tells him that there isn't any space like that (Jay's bodice looks kind of like two shells covering the boobs), then shows him her bra for proof. Tim remarks that Jay and Heidi are having a very interesting experience with each other at that moment. Yes, Tim. Mila nervously describes her piece for Heidi then asks if it's too simple. Heidi says it isn't too simple, but is it better than the other dresses? Subjective, much?

Now, they move on to Jonathan. He's using coral, which wasn't in her dossier, but he thought it would look good on her. Tim compliments Jonathan's palette. Heidi likes the colors too. But, she thinks that the cut-away textile that he created looks like curtains. She suggests, explicitly, that he just drape the dress and get rid of his textile. Tim adds that, if Jonathan can make this happen, he'll be driving home to the judges how versatile he is. WARNING! This is a trap! Stick with what you made. Heidi's just being stupid. After a couple of attempts trying to open the door, Heidi leaves the workroom with Tim behind her.

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