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Social Scene

It's down to Marla and Lupe. Lupe is sporting a little bit of a pooch there. Stand up straight, honey. Heidi tells Lupe that the judges feel that her dress would put Nicky on the "worst-dressed list." She tells Marla that no one knows where "Marla is in [her] design," which is a perfectly lovely way of saying "copycat." To her credit, Marla nods in a very respectful acceptance of the criticism. Marla is "in." Lupe gets an "auf wiedersehen," then she's out of there.

Backstage, Marla, Diana, and Emmett hug Lupe. Tim enters and hugs her as well. Then he tells her to pack her stuff and get the hell out of Dodge. She interviews that she knows her style, but not everyone can "grasp" it. Okay, you're not learning anything from this, are you? She says that she hopes to create her own line one day. I'll keep my eyes peeled, Lupe.

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