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Tim is still not happy with Marla's design. She says, "This is my dress," in a way that suggests she believes herself. But she can't, can she? It is the same dress that Nicky Hilton is wearing in the photo. No mistaking it. Emmett then speaks up: "Why would you buy that, if you already have it in your closet?" I could say, "Ask the nineteen pairs of khakis in my closet." But I understand his point. Tim says, "I don't want you to be a copycat." Marla then gets strangely defensive, which Tim diffuses by recognizing that she is anxious. He then tells her that her challenge is to make her dress not look like the dress in the dossier.

Tim preps them for the party. He tells them that they need to win over Nicky Hilton, not just with their dresses on their models, but also with their own presentation. Everyone scurries in the hour remaining before the models arrive. When they models get there, the designers spend some time putting them in the dresses. The rest of the time they spend grooming their own damn selves. Santino wears five-inch stiletto pumps because he thinks they will be "memorable." Santino is right. Frighteningly tall at this point, but right about the "memorable" thing.

Daniel looks good.

With everyone in their finery, the designers and models go to Marquee. Nicky Hilton arrives in jeans and a cardigan with Heidi, who is decked out in a lovely black cocktail dress. You can hear Santino bellow, "Hi Nicky." That guy has the deepest voice ever. And the highest heels. I think we've got the makings of a new cabaret star. Book the Carlyle! Heidi introduces Nicky, who tells the designers that she loves fashion and is excited to see what they have designed. She seems really sweet. ["I'm always surprised by how deep her and Paris's voices are." -- Sars] Heidi asks the designers to remember that Nicky is their client, so they will need to be memorable and sell the dress. Then she says, "Let's pop some bottles. Let's have some fun."

Then, at the most brightly lit cocktail party ever, everyone begins to schmooze. There's Richie Rich and Traver Raines of Heatherette. Daniel introduces himself to Nicky first. She says that she loves his dress. He interviews that he felt it was a positive experience.

Nick and Tarah introduce themselves to Nicky, and she says that the dress, which is made of a blue fabric, is one of her favorite colors. Nick says, "I sort of guessed that." Why? Because she was wearing pink and black in the two dresses she was wearing in the dossier's photos? Yeah, I didn't think so. Maybe he's nervous or something. That's kind of a hokey thing to say, though. He redeems himself by showing the back of the dress, which has a lovely swooping drape. He demonstrates that Nicky could pose for photographs with her back to the camera, looking over her shoulder. This gets a laugh from Nicky and Heidi. In his interview, he says, "I just felt like, you know, a little Mexican kid in Tijuana, like, 'Buy my gum. Buy my chicle.' It's like, it's sort of pathetic." Jesus Christo, that is funny.

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