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Next, the designers decide to have a designer "walk-off" a la Zoolander. First, is Santino, who does The Rock's (or is it Hulk Hogan's?) "I can't hear you!" hand to the ear thing. It all looks like silly fun. Some look goofier than others. I don't mean to harp on this, but Daniel unbuttons a little of his shirt and I say yes. Lupe does a caterpillar move on the floor, because she is not thoroughly enough one of the NKOTB circa '88. Andrae says that "of course" Santino and Nick are the best walkers. Nick's actually a little kinetic for my tastes. He almost spins himself off of his feet. Emmett does this languid walk that, for some reason, kind of embarrasses me. It looks like they are having a great time.

The next day, Tim greets the designers and tells them that they will have two hours to get their models ready before the runway show. Kara helps Marla add a few things to her dress to differentiate it from Nicky's Chloe dress. Daniel explains to the make-up artist that he wants his look to be "mojitos, like on the beach." And in the "Seriously, are you fucking kidding me?" moment of this episode, Marla tells the hairstylist that she likes the way Diana's model's hair looks, but "I don't want to do that, 'cause she's doing that. But, if you can do a variation." I want the girl to just look within herself! For one moment. Jesus, Mary, and Annie Hall, what the hell are we going to do with you, Marla? Lupe interviews that she was nervous when she compared her design to everyone else's.

Heidi welcomes the designers to the runway. She introduces our judges: Michael Kors, Nina Garcia, and Nicky Hilton. Nicky, we are told, has her own fashion line, Chick. The designers are told that their designs will be scored when they come down the runway.

The show begins. Santino's dress is first. It's a grayish-blue color, almost lavender. The bodice is wrapped tightly with asymmetrical bunchings of fabric. The straps are braided, and the braids line the bust line. As well, the braid wrap around the bodice. The skirt is made of flowing triangular layers. It's very light and pretty. Santino interviews that he chose the color because it matches Nicky's eye color.

Up next, is Chloe's dress. It's the same blue and black color scheme as her Clothes Off Your Back design. It's made of a different fabric and in a different shape, though. It's silk and has a short flowing skirt well above the knee. There's a black band around the waist. The back is bare. The bodice is cut to the waistband and wraps around her neck in a halter style. The neck is tied with a braided strap that hangs down the bare back and meets the waistband. It's a pretty dress. Chloe interviews that a celebrity will need color to stand out. Drug problems work too.

Andrae's design follows. It's really pretty. It's cut on the bias and has a loose flowing skirt. The dress is like midnight blue or dark gray or something, with gray satin double straps on each shoulder that create a "V" shape and meet at the tip of the bust. The back is scooped, with loosely draped fabric at the bottom of her back. The straps criss-cross on her back. Andrae says that his goals in the design were "beautiful" and "easy to wear." Mission accomplished, I'd say. It's a really pretty dress.

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